Which Weapons to Limit Break

I see this question pop up from a lot of people in game: "Which weapon do I limit break?" and usually, they're evaluating things a little off. Unlike max limit breaking guardians, you can't "reset" a weapon so if you limit break that weapon, you'll not be able to get those limit breaks back to apply to a different weapon. What I'm trying to illustrate is that it's a very big decision and arguing the hardest resource in the game to obtain. So you really need to choose carefully.

Damage, Damage, Damage

You want to get mileage out of the weapon you limit break. Applying it to a damage dealer will improve their damage output. Every game mode benefits from a damage dealer pumping out more damage. You know what won't get your mileage? Limit breaking a tank's weapon. There, I said it. It was the elephant in the room after all. There are a lot of people that use their limit breaks on guardians like FP (and honestly, it's the main motivator for the guide) but it's not all that useful. I limit broke Beth's weapon the other day and added 3k damage. I limit broke FP's and got almost 1k damage. I wonder which one is going to come in more handy in the long run...

Think Progression

Okay, let's think of the harder game modes: Orbital Lift, Kamazon, Heavenhold Tower (initial end-game) and even Coliseum. Most of the time you're going to need two tanks, a healer and a damage dealer as your ideal setup (Coliseum being the exception due to variances). So when you get into one of those challenging encounters, knowing you're going to have at least a tank, healer and a damage dealer, what items do you think are going to progress you more? Let's look at it by role alone:

- Ex Weapon, Shield, Accessory, Defense Cards
- Ex Weapon, Accessory, Heal Cards
Damage Dealer
- Ex Weapon, Accessory, Atk Cards

Okay, so let's say we've got all of our slots with the above hero's setup and they are looking good! We start a battle and it puts our guardians/gear to the test and we don't win. We want to improve our characters but where do we start?

- More defense, more health
- Maybe more survivability
Damage Dealers
- Damage, damage, damage

You see what just happened there? Tanks are there for survivability, if healers have some +heal, that's fine, they just improve their survivability for longevity purposes. But damage dealers, they just pump out that sweet, sweet damage. Why? Well because the faster the boss dies, the less you have to worry about survivability stats. The more likely your damage dealer is able to destroy that Cursed Tower in 2 shots rather than 3, it omits a whole layer of survivability in about 12 seconds. While your content may be gated by survivability, your content will ALWAYS be gated by damage done.

If you're thinking progression, think damage dealers as recipients for those limit breaks.

Arena as an Exception

Hey, look, if you're super into Arena, that's great, perhaps your priorities dictate that you really wanna push your damage into your favorite game mode and that's totally peachy. It is a noteworthy exception and perhaps your account is already strong enough to warrant that sacrifice of damage to FP. That's just something you're going to have to figure out for yourself but to the niche player who really places Arena over all other game modes, this guide probably isn't geared towards you.

So who gets the Limit Breaks then?

So this will be a fun and yet controversial answer but it's fairly clear to me. The guardians with the highest damage get the limit breaks. If you're doing it to progress through content, give it to those guardians who it will impact most. For unique guardians, I'd go Beth and Garam (in that order) and for Rare guardians, I'd go Akayuki. Beth has more utility than Garam and comparable damage. Garam just has absurdly high damage and since you're going to be using him for progression while you have 2 tanks and a healer, it won't matter that his buff doesn't affect his teammates, he can generally do all the DPS himself rather well.

Some examples are in order! I've MLB'd the weapons of three guardians (which I just mentioned above) and at level 77 with Sharp Shooter accessories and Atk Cards (accessory not limit broken), they're damage is:

: 78,170 dps
: 86,169 dps
: 69,298 dps (though she is lvl 72)

I can go right into Arena and check out the damage of the highest ranks and I get this:

: 60 - 61k dps

I have 1 limit break on my FP's weapon (yay white box) and her stats are:

: 47k dps

It's a substantial difference in damage from FP to the damage dealers and we're not even mentioning that each guardian's skills work off their damage and FP doesn't really have offensive chain skills. Am I driving that point home yet?

Progression is key

Progression is always key and the damage dealers will be the ones that push you there (behind the tank's survivability).

Progression at the end-game can be summed up very easily:

- Mirror runs and Battle Medals
- Just get the right accessory and be done with it
Damage Dealers
- MLB'd weapons

Maximize your progression potential, spend your hammers in the right place.