Fire vs Worm Raid


We're going to use a 2 man chain and just focus on putting up solid numbers (which is VERY possible). The most crucial thing about this fight is Scintilla's Weapon Skill Regen. Have it at max or as close to max as possible.

Keep in mind our composition is created purely for the highest possible DPS. I've no doubt there are other capable combinations used against Worm but given that we're going for max dps, this is the group composition we'll be focusing on for this guild.

Worm has an Earth affinity and you can view its raids on this link.

Boss Abilities


Castbar - (slower of the two)

This will occur 3 - 4 times a fight the boss will cast poison upon (what I assume to be) the highest damage dealer in the group. Since you’ll be fighting as melee, you’ll need to run out of the group then quickly back into the group. In the event (and this will happen) that your leader needs to cast his special ability while he’s being targeted for poison, then your special is a higher priority then taking damage. So take that damage and use your special. The cooldowns are important.


Castbar - (faster cast)

PBAOE (point blank aoe) that will deal damage to all those characters in melee range. Unavoidable.

Worm Charge

Directional Cast

This is the first means of controlling the worm’s movement. This may happen 2 or 3 times during the fight (first at about 15 seconds in) and he will select the leader and give a very quick directional cast and follow that direction until the worm hits the wall. Since movement = loss of DPS we don’t want the worm to move very far. So what we’re going to do is always be positioning in between the wall and the worm (and the worm will eventually be up against the wall) so when that directional cast happens, he actually won’t go anywhere.

Death Spin

Long Cast

This generally occurs around 30 seconds in but if you’re timing everything properly (first chain at 36 seconds left), the worm will never get to cast it (which is good because it’s either certain death for your team or a horrendous loss of DPS). This should be avoided at all costs.

Group Composition

The "ideal" group composition will be Akayuki (lead), Plitvice, Scintilla and Lilith. Though you can swap Lynn out for Plitvice, Plitvice just does better damage with this composition. Lilith is necessary for her Def debuff (on attack, not chain) as well as her Chain group heal.

It's noteworthy that Lilith's chain ability will restore 20% of everyone’s HP which may become crucial at certain stage of the fight.


Optimally you want to be to the left or right of the arena but being at the top or bottom isn't a huge difference. The reason as to why left or right of the arena works is it gives you more of a view of the arena and eventually the worm will want to borrow to the middle of the arena to prepare for his Death Spin and you want to be able to see when that happens with the shadow in the middle of the arena preceding that process.

The reasoning behind wanting to see if he's about to go underground is sometimes you can have a "perfect set" which means that the worm may delay his underground movement just enough that when your special is available you can use the special to keep him on the side of the arena. It's basically stunning him before he ever goes to the middle and keeping him on the wall. All in all, it's about a million DPS or so if you can keep him at any point in the arena for the entire fight.

Chain Order

2 chains (potentially 3) of 2 characters.

If you need healing:
Scintilla Lilith

For a small damage increase:
Scintilla Akayuki
Space out each chain as much as possible.

Some videos of this in action: