Light vs Elphaba Raid


UPDATED I believe they've updated Elphaba's dynamics since I last wrote the guide. I'm updating it accordingly for the best possible damage output.

This fight has a lot of different spells, random boss movement and shifting spell patterns and one spell that may sound intimidating but it's not that big of a deal.

We’re going to go with the most common high damage output raid composition (given the tier) and you can play around with it beyond that.

Elphaba can break a chain, so get your chains out fast!

While there is a slight pattern of which spells are cast with where Elphaba appears, it doesn’t really matter. The whole point of the fight is getting your chains off as soon as possible and losing as little DPS as possible when she transitions to a new location.

Boss Abilities

Purple Beams


Anyone within the circle will be taking damage from these beams. A lot of raiders will damage Elphaba from afar while soaking up the damage from these beams as they DPS. While the higher levels will be more dangerous in this regard, controlling how much damage goes to your primary character versus everyone is is a good thing to control.

Laser Beams


Yellow lasers that slowly rotate throughout the room. Nothing really dynamic here. Continue putting up damage while dodging however dodging is much lower on the priority than doing the damage on this mechanic.

Ice Barrage


Two ice bolts will slowly move across the screen shooting ice outward. Just continue to DPS while avoiding damage as best you can.



Lightning bolts will come from the sky on to the party lead. Just continue to DPS while spreading out from your team members.

Atk Debuff

Long Cast

This is the most important aspect of this fight. The above image is what the cast will look like, it can start as early as 42s into the fight. If this spell gets cast your team’s DPS will go down to 20% for 5 seconds and while it is cleansable by Gabriel, it will hamper your DPS. The good news is it only lasts for 5 seconds and 2.5 seconds of that is her transition to the next mirror. So with this strategy it will be relatively common for her to get that spell off and if she does you keep attacking her until she moves to the next window. Then you wait without attacking until you see the debuff with a sword on it fall off then you use your special and auto attack again (no use in wasting either while you're debuffed).

Group Composition

The ideal group composition will be MK 99 (lead), Gabriel, Eleanor and Tinia.

If you have the means, I highly suggest going with a Light bow on Tinia such as Yellow Dragon’s Bow and Eugene’s Bike Figure for merch. It’s fine if you can’t but we need Tinia in there for her passive Def debuff.

Alternatively you could use Nari instead of Tinia but she’s more useful on the Basic team of this tier’s raid but if you don’t have a Basic team, test out the damage between Nari and Tinia to see what works best for your team.


While the positioning is somewhat opinionated I prefer to be right next to Elphaba when she's at the center and slightly near the middle when she's on either side. The reason I like to be near her in the center is because you can see which location she's moving to next if you're close enough and see when she's going to cast her debuff spell, which will change how you interact with her during the transition.

Just keep in mind that there is a 2.5 second period when she changes locations that she cannot be attacked. With that being said, it's probably going to happen and it might just chew up some of the debuff.

Chain Order

2 chains of 4 characters, optimally 41s and 17s left.

All chains are cast immediately to avoid her breaking the chain and rendering your stun a waste.

Gabriel Eleanor MK Tinia
Effect: heal +Atk Damage Damage
Immediately cast each chain skill as fast as possible.

Some videos of this in action: