Water vs Lava Slime Raid


Water versus Lava Slime is a Weapon Regen Skill-oriented boss fight so ensure that you’re capped on weapon and accessory. I recommend Minotaur Necklace but so long as you’re getting at least 28% Weapon Regen Skill, you should be fine.

The fight is VERY pattern-oriented as well. After practicing it enough times you’ll always know what comes next. The randomization isn’t in which ability will be used but where they will land and in most cases, you control even that.

Once you learn the skill pattern, it all just comes down to the execution and once you get the execution, after the first 15 seconds, the boss will more or less just stay put while you rack up your damage.

Boss Abilities



The fireballs always come out individually and occur twice in a row. They get thrown out to random party members and do minimal damage.


Attack at Target

Leaping is where the Lava Slime jumps to the top of the stage so he can immediately cast his Lava Roll ability. The Leap does damage if you’re within the targeted area when the slime lands.

Lava Roll

Directional Cast

You should rarely get hit by this ability and its purpose should really just let you know that the High Jump / Lava Barrage is coming very soon.

High Jump

Long Cast

Once or twice in the fight (depending on how you chain your abilities), the Lava Slime will jump high into the air and come crashing down to a place where the lead player just stood. If anyone is in that area, they take high damage.

Lava Barrage

Directional Cast / Attack at Target

Lava Barrage is probably the most dangerous ability because poor movement will enable you to obliterate your teammate’s positioning and cause massive DPS loss. Oh and if you do it poorly, it can also kill you, so there’s that too.

Lava Slime will cast Lava Barrage 5 times before he moves to the next ability but… if you time your Specials properly, he’ll never actually get to cast it. This is trickier than it sounds and requires one absolutely crucial thing to happen: for you to get off your 2nd special before the Lava Slime High Jumps, which means you have to hug him very tightly right before he jumps off the ground.

Group Composition

The "ideal" group composition will be Garam (lead), Lucy, Veronica and Nari.

Yes, Lucy will actually do more damage than Bianca simply because her group buff is just so powerful (especially when combined with Veronica’s group buff) but if you don’t have Lucy and you do have Bianca, that’s totally fine, it’s just not optimal.

As far as Nari goes, you can also use Tinia but it just depends on if you’re using a Light or Basic team in this raid tier. If you do use Tinia just remember to equip a water elemental bow w/ the appropriate elemental merch.


Positioning is pretty straight forward for the vast majority of the fight except when you need to get your 2nd special off while hugging the boss but nonetheless, you’re going to want to be in front of the boss at all times.

The reasoning for this is you want to be near Veronica’s group buff (very small range) and your team will always clump up together in front of the boss so that works out. Since you shouldn’t be dealing with the Lava Barrage, it’s a pretty safe place to be in general.

Default positioning:

Positioning for 2nd special before High Jump:

Chain Order

2 chains of 4 characters, optimally 43s and 18s left.

We have two awesome chain buffs here with Nari, Veronica and Lucy. Nari increases crit for 10 seconds, Veronica increases crit hit chance for 5 seconds and Lucy increases Crit Hit Multiplier for 6 seconds. So we want to take our time on the first Chain (Nari), cast Garam’s Special, take our time on the 2nd chain (Lucy) then cast Veronica and Garam quickly after. This will ensure that Nari, Lucy and Veronica’s buffs overlap long enough and that Garam gets his chain off during those extremely complementary buffs.

You can add on about 500-1m damage (depending on account) if you can get 2 Garam specials out during the chain, so it should look like:

Nari chain
Lucy Chain + Garam Special
Veronica Chain
Garam Chain
Garam Special

Timing is everything and this is where you'll earn the bulk of your dps.

Nari Lucy Veronica Garam
Effect: +Crit +Crit Multiplier +Crit Damage
Slow on Nari and lucy then fast on Veronica and Garam.

Some videos of this in action: