Conquest Guide

Alright so we have a new game mode coming out for guilds called Conquest. I’ve gotten to play around with it for the last week so I figured I’d write a guide for my guildies as well as any others out there that would like to know what to expect.

While the first part of this guide will be a general overview, the second portion will be how to defeat the current Conquest: Reservoir Snakes.


First in foremost, much like raids, if you use a given character in a successful attempt, you can no longer use that character for the rest of the day. That means you’ll need to ensure you pick the right team for the job.

In the current Conquest season there are 4 stages and 4 final bosses. In the current Conquest those bosses have the following HP:

Chrome: 50m
Elvira: 150m
Arabelle: 450m
Elvirabium: 600m

Each stage has a given number of shield defense points that will always be visible at the bottom of the map. Those shield defense points are reduced by killing the raid bosses in each of the stages. There are 7 raid bosses in each stage and depending on the stage, their HP raises dramatically.

So to give you an example, let’s say there is a General Gast boss that has 24m HP and by defeating it, it removes -900 defense. Once your guild kills that boss, the shield will have 900 less shield points (out of 4,100) and you’re one step closer to breaking down the shield so you can fight the primary boss of that stage.


There are a few primary structures you’ll want to understand. I’ll go over each so you know how relevant it is towards the overall outcome of a given stage.

Armory / Communication Center / Command Center

These nodes feel like PvE passages in the story mode of the game. You’ll go through a multi-fight encounter and fight monsters of varying difficulty and if you do not defeat it in one attempt, you can try again until you do. Only successful attempts matter in these nodes.

Nonetheless, these nodes will buff your guild or debuff the encounters in that stage. For instance, completing these nodes could lower the monster’s level by 2 (Communication Center) or it could increase your guild’s Atk for that stage (Armory). Nonetheless, they are very beneficial and generally should be attacked first.

In the first stage these nodes only have 3 successful attempts to complete, in the later stages, 10 attempts to complete.

The major differences is that the Armory buffs your Atk, the Communication Center debuffs monster levels and the Command Center does random such things but only to linked nodes.

Supply Trucks

The only purpose these serve is to get you rewards. You’ll eventually want to capture these nodes but only as cleanup as they are not integral to the completion of a given stage. These nodes are usually raid bosses with very low hit points.


These are the important ones, where the raid bosses reside. You’ll need to capture each one of these nodes before you have the ability to confront the boss of the stage. Optimally you’ve already been buffed by completing Armory nodes and debuffed the raid bosses by completing Communication Center nodes.

It’s noteworthy that bosses may have Special Rules such as Shelling Encounter (extra monster ability), Ranged/Melee Atk Immunity on that boss, Monster Enlargement, etc. They can all be removed by completing Command Center nodes.

Artillery Battalion

This node will deal direct damage to a boss or monsters in the nodes linked to it, when it has been completed. This node seems like a pre-req for other nodes but since it’s in the later stages, I haven’t had a hands-on with it yet. I’ll update accordingly.

Control Tower

This is where the stage’s boss resides and it’s more of an encounter than a direct raid boss. There are other monsters in the boss stage too that may heal the boss, etc. Those other minions are formidable and may require a little debuffing by completing Armories within the stage. Nonetheless, this is the node you need to complete before you can move on to the following stage.

It’s also noteworthy that if a stage is completed, the uncompleted nodes within that completed stage are still available to be completed.

In addition, you can practice (like in raids) while going against boss nodes such as Camps but you cannot practice for nodes such as multi-stage encounters like Communication Centers.


Seasonal rewards include gems and Battle Medals and they are accumulated through the completion of stages and various nodes. You can also get Battle Medals for participating in any attempt so it’s basically a minimum of 15 Battle Medals daily for the duration of the Conquest season with additional Battle Medals being reward upon the completion of the Conquest season.

Strategy: Reservoir Snakes

Let’s be clear. The better a raid guild you are in, the more your guild will progress in Conquest and it is a steep curve. In its current state, I can give you a quick reference point to see where your guild may match up. In a guild on the KR server who did 1b damage in the Circus of Fear raid (rank 1000ish), they will most likely not get to the 3rd stage of Conquest within a 7 day period. In other words, they will only see (but not complete) half of the Conquest content. So if you really want to see progression in Conquest, the easiest way to do so, would be to join a strong guild.

Raid Bosses

As it stands right now, there are 4 primary raid bosses that show up for the stages (which you will fight many times) and there are 4 final bosses for each stage (who you will fight once per stage).

In Reservoir Snakes the elements and the bosses they will be used against are:

Earth vs Gast (Water)
Fire vs Worm (Earth)
Light vs Shadow Beast (Dark)
Dark vs Minotaur (Basic)

Dark vs Chrome (Basic) - 50m
Water vs Elvira (Fire) - 150m
Light vs Arabelle (Dark) - 450m
Water vs Elvirabium (Fire) - 600m

So for prioritization purposes the order of your most optimal raid teams for this season’s Conquest will be:

  1. Dark
  2. Light
  3. Earth
  4. Fire
  5. Water

If you have well-rounded teams then you obviously want to use each of the opposing element’s against the boss that is weak to that given element (no different than raids). Less progressive guilds will generally raid one boss until it dies while more progressive raid guilds will strategically use specific teams on specific bosses (which is where faster progression is achieved).

Each stage has 7 raid bosses and 1 final boss. So for stage 1, the raid bosses look like this:

Stage 1

(bosses are lvl 75 reducible to 73)
Basic Minotaur - 18m
Basic Minotaur - 24m
Basic Minotaur - 30m
Water Gast - 18m
Water Gast - 24m
Dark Shadow Beast - 18m
Dark Shadow Beast - 30m

Chrome, lvl 76 (Basic) - 50m

First stage raid HP: 212m

Stage 2

The hit points jump up dramatically and some bosses change:

(bosses are lvl 79 reducible to 75)
Water Gast - 76m
Water Gast - 100m
Water Gast - 124m
Earth Worm - 100m
Earth Worm - 124m
Dark Shadow Beast - 76m
Dark Shadow Beast - 124m

Elvira, lvl 80 (Fire) - 150m

Stage 3

(bosses are lvl 82 reducible to 75)
Water Gast - 124m
Earth Worm - 160m
Earth Worm - 240m
Dark Shadow Beast - 160m
Dark Shadow Beast - 200m
Basic Minotaur - 200m
Basic Minotaur - 240m

Arabelle, lvl 83 (Dark) - 450m

Stage 4


Elvirabium (Fire) - 600m

You can see the dramatic increase of HP in the bosses from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and it gradually increases from there. I expect those Stage 2 hit points to be lowered in later Conquest seasons.

What nodes do we prioritize?

This totally depends on the strength of your guild. My guild on the global servers can put up 800m+ damage in a 24 hour period so therefore it may be strategic for us to not waste attempts on the buffs or debuffs instead focusing on raiding the bosses in the first stage, which would take around 212m HP to complete.

The other thing to consider here is that the bosses in stage 1 are all lower level (and with the completion of the communication centers, are reducible) which means you’ll deal A LOT more damage.

So given the buffs, let’s do a prioritization for the stages:

Stage 1

Communication Center (1) - 3 attempts
Armory (2) - 6 attempts
All Camps (7) - 162m hp
Control Tower - 50m hp

Stage 2

Ammunition Deposit (1) - 3 attempts
Communication Center (1) - 10 attempts
Armory (3) - 30 attempts
Command Center (1) - 10 attempts (If you are progressed raid guild, you can probably skip this node)
All Camps (7) - 724m hp
Control Tower - 150m hp

Stage 3

Ammunition Deposit (2) - 10 attempts
Communication Center (3) - 30 attempts (don’t complete upper CC yet)
Armory (4) - 40 attempts
Command Center (1) - 10 attempts
All Camps (7) - 1,324m hp
Communication Center (1) - near boss
Control Tower - 450m hp

Stage 4

TBD but honestly, they all follow a similar pattern. Depending on how progressed your guild is though, you may skip some of the early nodes because you just don’t need them to one shot a boss or two.

Final Notes

The early stages offer a little freedom in terms of choices due to the fact that the bosses are so low level and lower hit points. You may not need to hit the buff nodes to one shot some of the bosses (for more experienced players) but after Stage 1 it becomes pretty standard in terms of prioritization.

The guilds who have active guild leaders to direct their members to markers will do much better with conquest mode. Oh, and of course damage. The more damage your guild does, the more likely you will be to progressing and eventually completing Conquest mode before the season ends.

As far as season duration, the KR has it set for 7 days but I’ve the devs state that it’s a 2 week period. I’m not too sure what the final will be but in its current form, 7 days doesn’t seem like enough time for less progressed guilds to get much of anywhere. I think Stage 2’s Camp HP just needs to be nerfed a wee bit into a linear curve of progression with the other stages.

Nonetheless, enjoy Conquest mode!