Fighting Arabelle in Conquest

This is a fairly technical fight and you have a few options on how you approach it. You also can’t just mindlessly go about it, you’ll need to devote some active thought on various timings. Given that there is a lot to say, I figured I’d toss it in a guide.

Obviously a light team is the best option and as far as composition, I went with Kamael for my 4th party member. Nari dies too much and I went with Kamael over Tinia because I had a light staff MLB’d (and the passively healing helps too).

Understanding how the fight works. When you start the fight your team will kill all the extra adds in the area except a single tower that is out of reach to the north of the arena. Out of reach BUT if you go too north, your auto attacks will passively target that tower so it’s best to keep your fight to the bottom of the arena.

That lone, lonely, loner of a tower will cast and interrupt your attacks every 12 or so seconds. This WILL OFTEN cause you to mess miss a chain so be mindful of that (you really want those chains).

The Perilous Path

The perilous path means you will be casting your specials as often as possible and dealing with the skill interruption from the tower. The best way to do this is when you’re about to special (only the special right before the stun), run towards the boss. You don’t want the tower interruption to knock you too far away from the boss to miss a chain. You’ll most likely get MK’s skill off but then the interruption will hit. You’ll want to IMMEDIATELY use Eleanor’s special to keep the party going. There’s always a chain to miss it but that’s why it’s the perilous path but you’ll be netting more damage this way due to getting an extra special off by the end of the fight.

The Safer Path

For a much easier path, you let the tower’s interruptions queue your specials. So you build up your special stun % and when your next special will stun Arabelle, just hold off. Wait until you get knocked back (i.e. interrupted) and then use your special. Now you can effortlessly time your special in a comfortable way to maximize your damage. You would do this for both specials at around 48s and 10s of the fight. This is very, very stress free but you just have to be mindful of the interruption or you could really hurt your damage.

Overall Tips

As the lead you’ll want to stay away from the group. Make it a priority to put the boss in between you and your teammates. Even after mentioning that, still stay away from the top of the arena. You don’t want to lose auto attacks to the terrain. Make it a huge priority to stay at maximum range. It’ll take a little while to get the hang of it but the more maximum the range you can do, the safer you will be.

As mentioned before, don’t fight near the top of the area. Always try to bring the fight to the bottom of the arena.

Toss a Doom Injury Negation card on Kamael or whoever your weakest (or off elemental) character may be. That tower will cast some nasty juju on your team and you want everyone alive and well for the DPS party that you’re bringing to town.

Given the 3 chain setup, chain order should be Eleanor, MK, Gabs but if you’re having problems w/ timing the chains, you can go with Gabs, MK, Eleanor and that should clean up your issues on the 2nd chain starting too soon.

If you’re on this fight, you’re most likely going to have to use off-elem characters and while the fight can be more tenuous (+30% more damage to the entire group off elem advantage), the same strategies above should work out.

Good luck!