Conquest Attack System

This guide is for the more organized of guilds that are trying their damndest to progress in Conquest. Yes, conquest will get nerfed before the next time around but depending on your level of progression, that might make it easier or harder to organize. Nonetheless, this guide calls out to the people who are trying to add even more organization to the chaos to reach higher tiers of progression.

After our first Conquest round and a successful completion of Elvirabium I wanted to improve upon the manner in which our guild approached Conquest and the markers just weren’t doing enough.

Personally I have a lot of frustrations with the marker system. To prioritize you needed to come up with a sub-system where Flag means highest priority, Star means second priority, etc. Why not have some icons be numbers? I’d also like to use a blocking icon to disable a node from being attempted.

These shortcomings created other issues in our guild, such as when people learned the buildings, they often went on autodrive and just went after an unmarked Command Center (because they just thought they should) but not all Command Centers (looking at you Stage 2 Command Center) are useful if you have a progressive raiding guild. The lower damage players raided camps while the higher damage players conquered Armories. Etc, so on, so forth.

We used a means of organization where, based on each player’s final seasonal damage in the last raid, they were given assignments. This is the basic premise that we’re going to be focusing on in this guide because I’m going to improve upon it and link this to my guild as to how we’re going to play Conquest moving forward.

For the duration of the guide I’ll be referring to Armory/Communication Center/Command Center/Ammunition, etc as “Buff Stations”. Let’s begin.


It all starts with the expectation of your sage-like guild leader. based on the guild’s performance they should have a strong idea of where each day should end. For example, before the first Conquest round I had benchmarks that I wanted our guild to hit for the first 2 days (and our guild hit them but it was close). Then I had make-shift benchmarks as we progressed that were based on the pace we had already set. Eventually, this was our progression benchmarking through the days.

  • Day 1: Complete Stage 1 (no supply trucks), remove all Buff Stations for Stage 2
  • Day 2: Complete all the camps in Stage 2, start on the Stage 2 boss
  • Day 3: Complete Stage 2 boss, complete all buff stations for Stage 3
  • Day 4: Work on camps for Stage 3
  • Day 5: Complete Stage 3
  • Day 6: Work on Elvirabium
  • Day 7: Defeat Elivrabium, finish off as many supply trucks as we can

This process is the most crucial as it will give you a better idea of how you’re going to assign roles because your roles are dynamic and will totally depend on the days.

Assigning Roles

Using each player's raid damage from the previous season, rank those players from lowest to highest damage. You’ll then assign roles.


Priorities: Buff Stations, Camps, Final Boss

Support are your last 10-13 damage dealers in the raid. Their HIGHEST priority is completing the Buff Stations of the stages on a given day (Armory/Communication Center/Command Center/Ammunition, etc).

Notice I didn’t say “their only priority is completing Buff Stations of a stage”. You don’t plan it out based on the stage, you plan it out based on the day (guild leaders pay attention to this). On a single day, if your guild can complete the first stage and break into the second stage, the Support still needs to remove the Buff Stations of the second Stage as well. THIS WILL BE THE HARDEST THING TO ORGANIZE.

Ensure that your supporters know that they are there to hit the buff stations and that’s it. If there are no possible Buff Stations available by the end of the day, the Support will hit the camps or a final boss.


Priorities: Buff Stations, Camps, Final Boss

Hybrids are the people who ranked 20th through 11th on the damage meters from the previous raid season. Hybrids play an attentive role and listen to shifting assignments from the raid leader. These players can put up solid damage but at times will be called out to conquer Buff Stations. They’ll need to pay attention to their roles to make the most effective use out of their attempts.


Priorities: Final Boss (1 attempt, Camps (2 attempts)

Attackers are the people who ranked 10th through 6th on the damage meters from the previous raid season. As their name suggests, they attack. Attackers are meant for camps and the final boss and really shouldn’t be completing Buff Stations unless it’s a really niche situation.


Priorities: Final Boss (1 attempt), Camps (2 attempts)

Cleaners are the people who ranked 5th through1st on the damage meters from the previous raid season. Since they do the most damage they will ALWAYS save an attempt for the Final Boss (with their best possible team composition) and they will use their other 2 attempts on camps. There really should be no exception to this rule. If the day is about to end and you have buff stations up on a new stage, Cleaners will hit the camps before any Buff Stations have been conquered. They just do so much damage, it’s not worth wasting their attempts on Buff Stations.

Marching Orders

The day before Conquest begins you give everyone their role. You can message them, you post it in Discord or in-game chat (not advisable but whateva), doesn’t matter. Just ensure they have their roles.

As the day the progresses the guild leader can supercede any of the predetermined roles (and it will happen often) by saying things like:

“Support, all attempts on the Final Boss, we won’t make it to the next stage today.”
“Hybrids, give me all of your attempts on Buff Stations today.”
“Attackers, I need 1 attempt on Buff Stations this morning.”
“Cleaners, we won’t be hitting the final boss today, use all of your attempts on camps.”

On Discord you can put a little more effort for a lot of ease by creating a new server role for Support, Hybrids, Attackers and Cleaners and then add each guild member respective to their given role. Then you can just do this:

“@Cleaners we won’t be hitting the final boss today, use all of your attempts on camps.”

Working with Schedules

If you’ve ever organized a guild raid then the scheduling conflicts don’t do you a lot of justice so you may have to amend your roles so that it fits around some specific raider’s schedules. Optimally you want your entire guild to be able to check the game every few hours but that’s not very plausible. You might have guild members that are Support but can only log on to raid late at night, this isn’t very helpful so you may have to adjust their roles based on your expectations of the Conquest season’s progression.

If you don’t have their schedules you can go uber-guild leader and just ask those members that aren’t on as often as others. It’ll help you sooo much more with planning.

Daily Expectations

As the guild leader I've found it's important to let your guild know what the expectations are for the day, so they can properly plan the attacks.

For example, this is what I told my guild for Conquest this morning:

@LoKi In Conquest, our goal today is to finish off all the Buff Stations and make a HUGE dent in the camps. I don't think we'll get to the final boss today.

@Support Burn all of your attempts on Buff Stations.

@Hybrids Burn the majority of your attempts on Buff Stations (especially if you don't have a team elem advantage on the raid bosses in Stage 3).

@Attackers @Cleaners wait for later in the day to attack when all Buff Stations are down.

@Support @Hybrids the uppermost Communications Center is only good for the final boss node so let's conquer that last.

It just gives them an idea of how to plan their day, remove hassle and all making your Conquest run more efficient.

In Practice

You go into McDonalds, you look at some pictures and go “I’LL HAVE A NUMBER 2!” This is kind of like that. You start your day as an Attacker role and you GO “I ARE ATTACKER, I ATTACK CAMPS!” You just need to get your members knowing their roles, what they do and understanding what buildings are assigned to each role then you lead them!

Good Luck!