Earth vs Garam

You have a lot of strong options on the group comp but the core group never changes: Kamael, Tinia and Mayreel. The better DPS will come from Veronica, Coco and Rue (in that order).

We’ll be talking about the Veronica Earth comp in this guide and how you can get 3 full chains out of it which is the reason why it’s the highest damage dealing comp.

First off, you’ll be leading with Kamael whose special will put up a 50% stun debuff.

How it Works

[Fight Begins]
Kamael stands next to boss while boss faces the group
[Kamael Special 50% Stun]
Kamael moves slightly back into the group to ensure he receives group buffs
[Kamael Special 100% Stun]

Now this is the most crucial part of the fight, how you do the chain and you CANNOT mess this up if you want 3 full chains. You will IMMEDIATELY cast Veronica’s Chain skill then, IMMEDIATELY Kamael’s Chain. You have to cast Veronica then Kamael’s chain before Mayreel’s pops up, then Tinia. The chain should be performed as fast as possible, near instantaneous.

Kamael walks back up to touching the boss, Kamael’s back should be to the right of the arena.

[Kamael Special 40% Stun (stun % varies but you don’t want it at 50% after the special. To achieve this you need to special while Tinia’s chain is falling off]

[Kamael Special 90% Stun]

[Garam starts to cast Lunge]
While auto attacking (but not casting your special), backpedal to the right wall (you must be touching the wall). If you’ve done everything correctly Garam should do his lunge and then you will RUN directly down and Garam will follow you (minimizing his movement time). Wait 2 seconds and then special. This will take some practice.

[Kamael Special 100% Stun]

Use the same special chain sequence as mentioned before. You must get this right to get the 3rd chain off.

During the chain you start to move Kamael towards the center of the arena because Garam will teleport there before the fight is over.

If you do this right you should be able to get off a Kamael special and not bring the boss above the 50% stun range.

[Kamael -50% Stun]
[Kamael -100% Stun]

Then hold off until 6s left in the fight at which point Garam will most likely teleport.

[Kamael Special 100% Stun]

Quickly chain in the same manner as before and you should be able to just finish your chain prior to the fight ending.

Proof is in the Pudding