Light vs Shadow Beast

For Light vs Shadow Beast just know that going in you’re going to be dealing with chaotic variables but the payout can be quite good (in terms of damage).

A few key rules of the road, if shadow beast is “burrowed” he can’t be attacked so you want to reduce this as much as possible by walking to him during this period to reduce his invulnerability time. It’s ALWAYS safe to Special after a Shadow Beast lunge but waiting for that lunge is where things get dicey because it will mess up your timing.

Also, only attack while Shadow Beast is invulnerable. Don’t trigger auto attack cooldowns you don’t need.

MK99 as Lead

-- Start --
Shoot two shots and run on top of Shadow Beast
After his lunge, go to max range
[MK99 Special 36% Stun]
After his lunge, go to max range
[MK99 Special 72% Stun]
After his lunge, go to max range
[Scintilla Special 100% Stun]

The highest damage chain I’ve found is to just lengthen it as much as possible. The less time Shadow Beast has a chance to go invulnerable, the less movement and more damage your party will do.

Chain order is MK, Nari, Eleanor, Gabriel

The fight is about halfway through, it’ll get kinda chaotic with a lot of randomness.

You’re basically going to repeat the above process with a few key things in mind:

Only special after his Lunge or while he’s using an ability
Try to minimize your group’s movement by not venturing too far away
If you miss one special, you’re final chain will have to be very fast