Epic Limit Breaking Hammer Calculator

I need

I have gems banked.

I currently receive gems every Monday from Coliseum Rankings.

I currently receive gems every Monday from Arena Rankings.

I will purchase 5,600 Gem Package(s) from the Shop ($29.99) every week.

I will purchase 10,800 Gem Package(s) ($69.99) every 2 weeks.

I will purchase gems from the Resource tab in the Shop as needed.

I will extract weapons I receive from Summoning.


You will 10x summon weapons
times and will cost you
These numbers assume you will do your arena, guild attendance dailies while picking up your mail gems. Note: at certain gem quotas, the cost may not go down on a single hammer purchase. It's also noteworthy that with extraction we assume you will accumulate one epic per 15 summons which may be less or more than actual drop rates.