Legendary Awakening Stones Calculator

I need Legendary Awakening Stones.

I purchase 3 Legendary Awakening Stones with Bottle Caps every week.

I purchase 3 Legendary Awakening Stones with Gold every week (Hero Growth tab).

I will purchase Everyday Awakening Stones Package ($29.99) for 5 stones and more randomly.

I will purchase Super Awakening Package(s) for 6 stones ($19.99) as needed (purchasable 4x every 2 weeks).

I will purchase a Hero Growth Package for 20 stones ($49.99).


This will cost
and could take up to
weeks for completion.
Note: With the Everyday Awakening Package you will most likely receive a few random Legendary Awakening Stones per week, I've seen as many as 5 on a single day. So the above calculation (w/ this package) is a worst-case scenario. This also remains true for daily awakening stone dungeons.

Note: the value in both of the awakening paid packages weighs heavily in the fact that you get a considerable amount of awakening stones (def, hp, atk, dream) which are heavily gated in-game and therefore, of a great value.