Season 2 Dev Roadmap!

Upcoming Development Roadmap

First off, this information wouldn't be possible without the great Zeeebo and his remarkably prompt videos about Guardian Tales in Korea.

So I'll go ahead and start off by saying, check out his video as a pre-cursor or I'll just explain the finer points with my perspective in these notes.

Thanks Zeeebo!

World Exploration Mode

  • World Exploration Mode has several worlds, each of them having a world boss (as pictures above). The world boss must be cleared before moving to the next world
  • Each world has a variety of events in which all heroes can play an active part beyond just battle.
  • You can get special rewards such as weakening the world boss or strengthening the character through special events or gimmicks you encounter while exploring./
  • You can get "Goods Materials" as a reward in the world exploration mode.
  • Exploration mode will not require stamina or other contents
It looks as though we're going to see an open map with different areas in which we can play mini-games and battles. It looks like some of your heroes (built up or not) may be useful in niche events. The completion of the events help with further exploration, weakening the world boss or other interactions. If it does not require stamina, one would wonder how it was to be gated. Perhaps as Kamazone is now, a play per hour? DUnno.

The Goods Materials are used to create "Goods" which are equippable items that resemble... a keepsake? Dunno. More on that later.

Looks like an interesting little mini-game that you work that will eventually turn into stat bonuses for your guardians. It would be nice if the world boss was actually a world boss and not a personal boss you have to beat to get through your personal exploration mode.

Blacksmith can now make decorative "stuff"

  • You can create various goods by consuming the goods materials from Exploration Mode
  • Equippable one per character
  • While equipped you receive stat bonuses
  • On a low probability of the crafting of goods, you may get a super costume.
  • Super costume will change the visualization of... the dot character?
Okay, so I'm guessing that on very low crafting of these goods from Exploration Mode you can get a cool looking item that will distinguish you from other heroes. Which is kind of neat if done properly. You'll get stats by equipping them but it makes you wonder if Exploration Mode is repeatable or is there only a finite amount of goods that you can obtain and if you run out and don't craft that super low probability item, are you just out of luck? Dunno! ...but I guess we'll see in due time.

Cooperative Battles Updates

  • Coop battles are opened alternately weekly with the existing arena.
  • Cooperative war system will be continuously improved.
  • Rewards of co-op will now be in level with Arena season awards
  • Compensation perios has been changed from 24 - 48 hours.
  • 48 hours, 3 times per week, 24 hours on Sunday
  • The highest level dungeon clear reward is accumulated up to 3 times per reward accumulation cycle
  • You can get the reward by just clearing the dungeon once during the cycle. Multiple playthroughs don't increase the reward.
  • The map will change every season and new modes will be introduced over time (we're currently experiencing Time Attack mode).
All good things though the "accumulation cycle" is a bit confusing. It sounds like they are going to have it available 3 times per week and 24 hours on Sunday. The changes all sound good, reward sounds great but if I get disconnected every match (which happened 11/12 times last, not exaggerating), I'm not sure how much interest I'll have in just getting the reward after a lot of frustration and not trying again until the next season.

Kamazon Updates

  • No more ticket restrictions, you're gated by difficulty and your progression level.
  • You can select between difficulty levels rather than floors when starting.
  • Each difficulty has a set number of floors. It is no longer infinite.
  • Rewards are based on difficulty.
  • Rewards will be received upon completion of the boss node of a given floor.
  • You cannot collect rewards from a given floor more than once through a 3 day period (i.e. 3 day reset per floor).
  • Seasonal Artifacts added which will last the duration of an entire season.
  • Seasonal Artifacts do not take up inventory space in your Kamazon artifacts.
  • Seasonal Artifacts will disappear at the beginning of a new season.
  • Some Seasonal Artifacts require specific situations to be met before acquisition.
  • xxx
Okay, so what I'm taking from this is every 3 days you can just push into Kamazon as far as you can possibly go and gain rewards at the end of each floor. You have multiple difficulty levels to work with and it was not said if you could change the difficulty level during a season. I assume "rewards" are just Bottle Caps but they didn't say that specific so it makes me wonder if we're getting more than just caps. Overall, it just gives us a faster way to experience Kamazon and at our own pace rather than 12 runs per 12 hours and then wait another 12 hours. Seasonal Artifacts sound cool, not sure how powerful they are though.

God System

  • Holy Relics have been added to the rewards obtained from adventure / world exploration / events
  • Relics will raise a given hero's devotion to their respective god.
  • There are 5 gods, 5 faith levels and you can reset that faith to redistribute.
  • Depending on a hero's disposition, there is a difference in divine affinity for each faith.
  • Faith that does not fit with the hero may be difficult or impossible to raise.
  • Resetting your hero will get all used relics back.
This is more or less a reputation system where you can invest in given faiths to accumulate stat bonuses. I like that not all heroes can have all bonuses which allows for further customization and distinction between players (which we don't have enough of right now). Also another reason to utilize World Exploration mode.

Arena Updates

Arena will be divided into several leagues.

Lower Tier System

  • When the season starts you will be assigned to a given league where there is no "top" or "bottom".
  • Seasonal ranking rewards are paid based on ranking within each of these leagues.
  • You compete to see who the better players are in your league.

Upper Tier System

  • After the Lower Tier season is over, the upper tier season starts
  • The higher tier of arena will run during cooperative battle season.
  • The top arena can only be participated by users who finished the general arena with the top ranking.
  • In the upper tier, the guardian level is fixed at the maximum level of power.
  • In the upper tier, a ban / pick system is added.
  • Each player bans a desired hero by one.
  • Each player in turn chooses a hero.
  • When the player has finished selecting, the order of appearance is decided.
  • The order of appearance will not be revealed to the opponent until the order of the match.
  • The rewards of the upper tier will be "modest".
I mean, this is cool stuff. Everyone can take part in the lower tier season but only the big dawgs get to go to the upper tier afterwards to push for rewards and glory. The ban / pick system allows for further strategy prior to the match and allows the match to be a little more fair. In other words you won't have Bari going up against a Lynn if you don't ban Lynn. It's kind of cool and I dig it.

Replay System

People have wanted to do a replay of the story missions just to experience them again (and collect rewards) and while they are trying to make it happen, there are certain technical restrictions slowing the process. They are however, slogging through and will come start with side stories (as they are easier to accomplish) to start things off. More to come.

Guild Content

It's a popular request and they are working on it. They are testing ideas such as Guild Exploration, Competition and Cooperative content and formulating game modes that handle that content that gives us the best experience. More to come this summer!

April or May Release Date!

They gave an April release date but not only is that for Korea, it's also development so the times may get pushed back due to unforseen hurdles (it's never fun, I assure you). But that's some great news overall. Thanks Zeeebo!