Patch Notes - June 29th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Lifeguard Yuze

Group Buff:
Wep Regen Speed

Exclusive Weapon:
Ocean Keeper
Epic Two Handed Sword
3,712-4,076 DPS
Water Atk 1,375-1,510
Def 64-71
Crit Hit Chance 8%
Def +20%
HP +20%
Skill Damage +20%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +15%
[Lifeguard Yuze Only]
Increases the range of Aqua Whirl by 30%. Increase Atk of all allies within the safe zone by 30% for 5 seconds.
[Lifeguard Yuze Only]
Weapon Skill Lv +4
[Required Limit Break 5]

Raid Bosses

Shadow Monster
Invader Commander
Furious Minotaur

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- The exclusive weapon Jack Frost for Twin Healer Faby has been added.
- The Frost Fairy's attack power is 20% of parity, tenacity is 100% of parity, and recovery is 50% of parity.
- At the start of the battle, the stats of the pets are determined, including the party effect applied to Faby.
- When the Frost Fairy is destroyed, it will be resummoned. The Frost Fairy can only be summoned once every 10 seconds.
- New equipment Parasol Two-Handed Sword is added.

New World

- Nightmare World 11 'The Unrecorded World Pt. 2' is added.
b Stages 1, 2, and 3 will be opened first.
※ The next stage is scheduled to open on June 24 (Thu).

Colosseum League Split Preparatory work

- The Colosseum will be split into several leagues.
ㄴ Each divided league consists of a similar number of players.
ㄴ Ranking rewards are the same for each league.
ㄴ It is divided into equal leagues, not the upper league or lower league concept.
- The time of division application will be announced through a later notice.

Improvements to Heroes and Exclusive Weapons

Improvement of basic stats (based on knowledge 5 star level 1)

- The basic stats of some heroes have been increased.

hero Basic Attack (Increase) base Stamina (Increase) base Defense (Increase)
column 181 (+7)
Tinia 1389 (+21) 37 (+4)

Hero Improvements

hero Improving
column Harmony (linker) damage increased from 400% to 460%.
Eugene Basic Attack's first dash damage changed from dealing double damage to dealing single damage.
Total damage is the same.
The effect of speed action (special ability) that increases ranged defense by 30% is changed to an effect that increases defense by 30%.

Exclusive weapon improvements

dedicated equipment Improving
Armada Exclusive option pooling area damage is increased by 20%.
Brave Heart Exclusive option bullet damage is increased by 13.8%.

Bug fixes and changes

- Hero's weapon charge speed effect value is limited to a maximum of 100%.
ㄴ Party effects, hero abilities, and equipment options are applied based on the combined value.
ㄴ The skill charge speed increase effect of the skill dungeon is applied the same as it is now.
- An issue where the casting effect did not appear when using Astarte's Ice Shock Wave is fixed.
- The phenomenon that there is a line break in the description of Plitvice's special ability is fixed.
- Some text with incorrect spelling in the descriptions of heroes and equipment has been corrected.

Co-op Improvements

- The map of the cooperative game has been changed.
- A change has been made so that the hero cannot be changed during the last 3 seconds of the countdown in the quick matching room
b The countdown time is divided into Ready and Start.
ㄴ Ready count 7 seconds → Start count 3 seconds later → Game starts
B Heroes cannot be changed during the start count.


of the Boundary - The season of Labyrinth of Boundary with a new attribute begins.
- Season Period: After update maintenance ~ July 15 (Thu) 07:59

Labyrinth of the Earth

- This is a labyrinth of land that can be played as persistent heroes.
- 10 new stages are added.

Labyrinth of Basic

- It is a labyrinth of nothingness that can be played by heroes without attribute.

Add Beginner Mission

- A new Beginner mission is added.
ㄴ World 12 'Devil Realm' clear beginner mission is added.
ㄴ Nightmare World 11 'The Unrecorded World Pt. 2' Clear Beginner mission is added.

Add New Collection

- Two new collections have been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Bug fixes and improvements

- An issue where the currently unused quest item 'Yodo Murasame' remained in the inventory will be fixed.
ㄴ After completing the quest, accounts with 'Yodo Murasame' remaining will be deleted at the time of update maintenance.
- When exchanging evolution stones in the bag, the rare hero evolution stones will be exchanged before the unique hero evolution stones.
- Projectiles fired from helicopters in the Demon World Chapter Mark 2 boss battle have been improved.
- An issue where the effect of the Kamazon Land 'Undertaker' privilege was displayed abnormally in the buff list window will be corrected.
- An issue where party members' weapons were not exposed after battle with Karina during the World 1 'Deep Ancient Ruins' quest will be fixed.
- The phenomenon that Karina's level UI remains after completing the World 1 'Deep Ancient Ruins' Lost Girl quest will be fixed.
- The phenomenon in which the liberator effect is exposed when interacting with ore with a pickaxe after equipping the World 6 'Find the Fairy' Liberator will be fixed.
- The phenomenon that Fat Jack and the hero disappear in certain situations in World 6 'Find the Fairy' will be fixed.
- The phenomenon in which Lorraine does not appear from the 2nd road in the quest 'Fast between the tables' - World 6 'Home' - will be fixed.
- World 8 'Snow Mountain Entrance' intermittently 'An error occurred while processing data' in the situation of saving a character trapped in ice. The phenomenon that an error pop-up occurs is fixed.
- World 12 'Old Town' - 'An error occurred while processing data' intermittently during the 'President and Secretary' quest. The phenomenon that an error pop-up occurs is fixed.

Paid Packages

New product

1. Unique Hero's 'Unique Hero Growth Package' added
- Unique Hero Growth Package (Life Guard Use)
※ After summoning, if you have the hero, it will be displayed.
※ You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, it will no longer be exposed.

Limited time gem package

Paid Gems 9,000

Cool summer special package

Paid Gems 2,700
1,000 Stamina

Special Hero Growth Package

500 Stamina
200 Hero Crystals

Cool Summer Awakening Stone Package

7 Legendary Awakening Stones
12. Greater awareness of Dreams seats more
Intermediate 20 seats Awakening Dream Dog
Awakening dream of a lower seats 37 dogs
60 Greater awareness of attacks seats more
60 Greater awareness of the defensive seats more
60 awareness of the Greater Stamina seats more
Awakening seats 100 Intermediate attack dogs
Awakening seats 100 Intermediate defense more
Awakening seat 100 intermediate strength more
Lesser Awakening attacks seats 150 dogs
150 Awakening of the lower seats defense more
Lesser physical arousal seats 150 dogs

New Events

Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥

- Pickup summons for new and existing heroes are in progress.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

LIVE EVENT: The Unrecorded World Pt.2 (Nightmare)

- Nightmare World 11 open commemorative point exchange live event will be held.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

2021. Season.6 Growing straight with the Guardian Pass!

- You can acquire 'Jack Frost', the exclusive weapon of Twin Healer Faby .
- For more information, please refer to the [Event ] bulletin board.

Guild Raid 'Undersea Exploration'

- Guild raid 'Undersea Exploration' is in progress.
- It is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 26, and detailed information will be provided through a notice on the next Friday.

Changed hero costume rotation

Changed equipment costume rotation

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