Patch Notes - July 27th, 2021

Available Banners

Raid Bosses

Mad Panda Trio
Ancient Demon
Viper Clan Leader

Add new equipment

- Twin Fighter Ravi's exclusive weapon grinder has been added.
- The English voice of Eleanor, the goddess of prosperity, has been added.

New short story collection

- A new collection of short stories 'Snow Mountain Gyunmunrok' is added.
※ You can proceed after clearing Nightmare World 8 Shivering Mountains.

Retelling the story

- Replaying the story is added.
ㄴ Worlds 1 and 2 (Normal difficulty) are opened first.
※ After that, the world will be opened sequentially.
- Replaying the story is only available when the world achievement level is 100%.
- Stamina is not consumed when replaying the story.
- All goods (Purple Coin, Star Piece, Gold, etc.), Artifacts, and Items acquired through story replay are not actually acquired.
- When replaying the story, you will enter the stage with the currently selected party.
- Replaying the story is available through the redo button added to the right of the entry button in the stage entry UI.
ㄴ You can enter by selecting the progress of each quest in the Redo UI.

Improvement of the Goods Workshop

Unique Goods and Super Costume Confirmation Manufacturing System

- Unique Goods can be acquired within 50 times for each blueprint.
- The Super Costume can be obtained within 150 times regardless of the blueprint.
※ Example: When manufacturing goods, there is a 3% chance to manufacture unique goods, and if you do not acquire unique goods during 49 productions, you can acquire unique goods during the next production.
※ In the event that the unique goods and super costumes are manufactured at the same time, the unique goods will be manufactured first. Super Costumes are then finalized and manufactured.
※ When super costume is manufactured, the individual probability of each super costume is the same.
※ Please note that the product ceiling is not retroactively applied to the number of previously manufactured goods due to the definitive manufacturing system.

Improvement of the convenience of the goods workshop

- If there is a slot in the Goods Workshop that can be completed, an icon will be added to notify you in the Floating Castle.
- A warning condition is added when strengthening goods.
ㄴ If you try to strengthen by using goods with an evolution rate other than 0%, a warning message is displayed.
ㄴ If you try to strengthen by using different types of unique goods as materials, a warning message is displayed.
- The manufacturing cancellation function in the Goods Workshop will be removed.
- A function to view the required materials, expected manufacturing results, and obtainable stages for each blueprint of all blueprints has been added to the blueprint menu of the Goods Workshop.
- If you try to complete goods manufacturing while the number of goods you can possess is full, you will be moved directly to the goods bag instead of the basic equipment bag.
- If you acquire a super costume that you do not own, the skip directing button will be modified so that you can check the directing.
- The function of the Batch Add Reinforcement Material button in the Goods Reinforcement menu is modified to be the same as the Batch Add button in the General Equipment Reinforcement menu.
b If the sorting of the goods list is changed by the filter, the material will be added in bulk based on the current sorted state.
ㄴ If there are no enhancement materials, the batch add button will not be visible.
ㄴ If there are no more enhancement materials to add, the batch add button will be changed to the batch remove button.
- The name of the super costume in the illustration shown in the goods workshop is modified so that it is displayed together.

World Exploration Improvements

New world exploration stage added

- Three new world exploration stages have been added.

Improved world exploration convenience

- The number of possessions is increased so that you can possess up to 7 Operation Plans.
ㄴ The number of plans that are recharged at midnight every day does not change to 1.
ㄴ The number of Operation Plans charged by the Princess' Edict does not change to 1.
ㄴ After the update, 6 operation plans for all users will be added.
- The ability to sweep multiple times at once with multiple operation plans is added.
- With the edict of multiple princesses, you can now charge up to 7 Operation Plans at a time.
- A confirmation step has been added when tapping the recon button to avoid accidentally scouting the world exploration.
- Improvements have been made so that you can check the item information of each reward in the stage information pop-up in the world exploration stage.

Hero Awakening Improvements

- The selection and acquisition method of awakening nodes has been improved.

Path selection awakening

- When selecting a specific node in the method of sequentially learning from the adjacent node based on the acquisition node
It is modified so that it can be learned by selecting all nodes on the shortest path to that node.
ㄴ If you select a special node, all neighboring nodes are selected.


- Pressing the Auto-Awakening button adds a function that allows you to acquire the maximum number of nodes that can be acquired with the goods you currently have.

Awakening Node UI Improvement

- It is improved so that you can check all the stats and consumption materials you acquire when you acquire the selected nodes.
- Improvements have been made so that the number of nodes that can be acquired and the number of nodes currently acquired are displayed on the UI.

Rift Dungeon Reward Improvement and Currency Dungeon Expansion

Evolution Stone Dungeon Improvements

- The amount of gold and experience acquired in the existing evolution stone dungeon is increased by 15% compared to the previous acquisition amount.
- The level selection UI of the evolution stone dungeon has been improved.

Improvements and expansions of dungeons for money

- The amount of rewards obtained from existing dungeons will be increased.
ㄴ The total amount of gold obtained in Gold Dungeon is increased by 75% compared to the previous amount.
ㄴ The total amount of experience earned in the EXP Dungeon is increased by 75% compared to the previous amount.
ㄴ The drop rate of rank 3~5 mystery equipment that can be obtained from item dungeons is increased by about 75% compared to the previous drop rate.
Rank 1~2 Mystery Equipment can be acquired with certainty at Rift Level 50 or higher.
The chance of obtaining the Enhanced Hammer is increased, and the expected amount of experience for equipment is increased by about 80% compared to the previous amount.
- A new currency dungeon will be added up to Lv.85.
- The difficulty of the currency dungeon level 30 and level 35 has been improved.
- Improvements have been made so that the random buffs granted to elite monsters in some rifts are fixed.

Mirror crack dungeon improvement and expansion

- Mirror crack is newly added up to Lv.86.

Hero and Exclusive Weapon Improvements

Improvement of basic stats (based on knowledge 5 star level 1)

- The basic stats of some heroes have been increased.
hero Basic Attack (Increase) base Stamina (Increase) base Defense (Increase)
lupine 1080 (+33)
column 118 (+5)
Lily 131 (+4) 20 (+2)

Hero Improvements

hero Improving
lupine Dark Wolf moves faster and has approximately 13.6% increased range.
Eleanor If the arpeggio charge exceeds 100%, it will be changed to stiffen normal monsters.

Dedicated Equipment Improvements

dedicated equipment Improving
prominence Reduces the interval at which Purifying Flame strikes over time by 0.02 seconds.
Amarok Fel Hounds recharge time reduced from 9 seconds to 8.6 seconds when used by Lupina.
Fel Hounds move faster and have approximately 16.7% increased range.

Arena Improvements

- Changes will be made so that the score does not decrease even if you lose in Arena or Master Arena Beta.
- Some features of the Ancient Ruins map have been changed. (It will be applied when rotating the ancient ruins map later.)

Improved World Difficulty

- The recommended level for World 10 and World 11 has been improved.
ㄴ World 10 monster level is changed from 71 to 69-70.
ㄴ World 11 monster level is changed from 76 to 74-75.
- The number of World 11 resurrections has been increased from 1 to 3.

Summon Time Improvement

- When you clear the World 1-1 Inn stage, you can use the summon function.

Beginner mission improvement

- The order and clear conditions of some early beginner missions have been improved.
ㄴ One-time purchase of items in the shop Beginner mission is changed to 10 Stamina use Beginner mission
The order will be changed before the World 1-2 Forest Entrance Stage Clear Beginner Mission.
ㄴ The order of the one-time Hero Summon Beginner mission will be changed before the World 1-2 Forest Entrance Stage Clear Beginner mission.
The order of the equipment summoning Beginner missions will be changed before the World 1-2 Forest Entrance Stage Clear Beginner mission.
- Clear conditions for some Rift Clear Beginner missions have been improved.
ㄴ Certain Awakening Stones, Evolution Stones, and Goods Dungeon Clear Beginner mission clear count conditions are reduced.


- The map of the cooperative game has been changed


of Boundary - The season of Labyrinth of Boundary with a new attribute begins.
- Season Period: After update maintenance ~ August 12 (Thu) 13:59
- This is a labyrinth of fire that can be played by fire attribute heroes.
- 10 new stages are added.
- Labyrinth of Light - This is a labyrinth of light that can be played as light attribute heroes.

Add New Collection

- Two new collections have been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Bug fixes and improvements

- The number of charging times for Awakening Stone dungeon tickets has been increased from a maximum of 5 to 10.
- An issue where the image of some reinforcement hammers was not displayed properly is fixed.
- Help related to the Colosseum division has been added.
- An error in the Awakening Node acquisition requirement in the Knowledge of Prosperity Goddess Eleanor is fixed.
ㄴ Eleanor's Awakening Node acquisition requirement has been changed from 207 to 208.
ㄴ If you have already completed the knowledge to acquire Eleanor's Awakening Node, Goddess of Prosperity, it will be marked as completed regardless of the actual number of acquired nodes even after the update.
- The round bingo board round reward popup is modified to show the round currently in progress.
- Fixed so that the bingo board is more visible when performing a fixed draw on the spin bingo board.
- The English name of the 'Skill Damage' ability has been changed from 'Skill Atk' to 'Skill Damage'.
- World 1 - The phenomenon that some sound effects do not sound normally in the Blacksmith quest is fixed.
- An issue where the special ability texts of the double personality maid Amy and scientist Sohi were displayed incorrectly will be fixed.

New product

Guardian Relay Package

- Sale period: After update ~ 2021-08-12 07:59:59
staff Components
staff 1 3,600 Paid Gems
staff 2 Paid Gems 3,600, Stamina 1,200
Staff 3 (free) Paid Gems 3,600, Stamina 1,200
staff 4 10 Option Change Stones, 100 Option Fixed Stones
staff 5 12 Option Change Stones, 360 Hero Crystals
Staff 6 (Free) 1 Epic Transcendental Hammer
※ For the Guardian Relay Package, you can purchase the next staff after purchasing the previous staff.
※ If you purchase the previous 2 staff, you can get the 3rd staff for free.
ㄴ Example: When purchasing staff 1, 2, staff 3 free / when purchasing staff 4 and 5, staff 6 free
ㄴ If you have acquired up to Staff 3 and withdraw your subscription for Staff 1, you can withdraw and withdraw your subscription only when 2 and 3 have not been used.

1st anniversary limited jumping custom package

1 custom package selection slot Payment immediately upon purchase
Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon
10 Summon Controllers

1st Anniversary Limited Goods Custom Package

2 custom package selection slots / 1 fixed Payment immediately upon purchase
[Slot 1] Select from 500 goods material x1
35 Instant Manufacturing Passes
[Slot 2] Select from 210 goods blueprints x1

1st Anniversary Limited Equipment Growth Package

Lv. 50 Reinforcement Hammer x 5
Gold 80,000
300 Magic metal
10 Option Change Stones

1st Anniversary Epic Transcendental Hammer Package

※ It is sold for 2 weeks after the update, and can be purchased for 5,000 gems per account once.

New Article Jumping Package #1

2 custom package selection slots Payment immediately upon purchase
[Slot 1] Choose from unique heroes x1
10 Awakening Dungeon Boxes
[Slot 2] Choose from exclusive weapons x1

New Article Jumping Package #2

1 custom package selection slot Payment immediately upon purchase
Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon
Summon Controller 100
Awakening Dungeon Box 10

Returning Hero Jumping Package

- Sale Period: After the update ~ 2021-09-23 13:59:59
※ This package is applied to users who have not logged in for more than 20 days.

Limited Returning Hero Jumping Package

1 custom package selection slot Payment immediately upon purchase
Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon Summon Controller 60
x Awakening Dungeon Box x 10

Returning Champion Premium Package

Guardian Point Ticket (24 hours)
40 Summon Controllers
30 Awakening Dungeon Boxes
Gold 1,200,000
2,400,000 experience
60 Hero Crystals

Returning Champion Support Subscription Package

20 Summon Controllers
30 Awakening Dungeon Boxes
600,000 gold
1,200,000 experience
30 Hero Crystals
※ The free subscription package will be deleted after 28 days from the end of the sale even if you are subscribed.

New Events

※ Various events will be held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Guardian Tales.
For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

1st Anniversary 100 Free Summon Event!

- During the event period, a 100-time free summon event will be held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of which you can use a total of 100 summons for free.
- The payment method for 10 free summons has been improved.
When knights log in during the free summon event period, it will be improved so that they can receive the accumulated number of summons up to the time of connection in one lump.
ㄴ The number of free summons is accumulated 10 times every day from the event start date, and will no longer accumulate when all 100 summons are paid.
ㄴ It is improved so that the number of free summons is accumulated even if you do not exhaust the 10 free summons every day.
ㄴ However, if all free summons are not exhausted within the free summons event period, all remaining free summons will expire.

1st Anniversary Attendance Event

- The 1st anniversary attendance event for all knights who log in during the event period will start.

1st Anniversary New/Returning Article Attendance Event

- An event for new/returning knights will be held.

1st anniversary KakaoTalk emoticon payment

- Guardian Tales special emoticons to commemorate the 1st anniversary will be provided.

Roadmap EVENT: 1st Anniversary Festival

- As a roadmap event reward, you can get Nari's super costume, 'Nari Sleeping on the Hammock ' .
- A roadmap event will be held where you can play the content and exchange various rewards with the points you earn.

Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥

- Pickup Summon of 9 existing heroes is in progress

Guild Raid 'Battle Stadium'

- The guild raid 'Battle Stadium' is in progress.
- Scheduled to be held on July 17 (Sat), detailed information will be provided through notice on Friday.

2021. Season.7 Growing straight with the Guardian Pass!

- You can acquire the 'Crusher', a twin fighter Ravi's exclusive weapon.

1st Anniversary Hero/Equipment Costume Massive Reprint

- Changed hero costume rotation

- Changed equipment costume rotation

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.