Patch Notes - August 9th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Scintilla

Group Buff:
Melee Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Gauntlet
0-0 DPS
Crit Hit Chance 2%
Def +18%
HP +22%
Skill Damage +20%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +15%
[Flame Harpy Scintilla only]
On hit, inflict additional 10% of DPS damage with 50% chance, and reduces fire type resistance by 20% for 3 seconds. Dodging is enabled while using Ignition.
[Flame Harpy Scintilla only]
Weapon Skill Lv +4
[Required Limit Break 5]

Available Banners

Raid Bosses

Founder Elphaba
Lava Slime King
Returned Desert Bull Worm
Snowman General Gast

Scintilla Youtube Videos

[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - DAY 5 - YUZE COUNTERS SCINTILLA CONFIRMD | [EU] Master Arena (20/08/2021)
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - DAY 4 - W/ COMMENTARY! | [EU] Master Arena (19/08/2021) - ft. Scintilla
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - DAY 3 - FEI / ALEF META? | [EU] Master Arena (18/08/2021) - ft. Scintilla
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - DAY 2 - FEI IS MLB | [EU] Master Arena (17/08/2021) - ft. Scintilla
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - DAY 1 - ANNIHILATION | [EU] Master Arena (16/08/2021) - ft. Scintilla

Add a new world

- New World 13 'Lilith Tower' is added.
- 3 main stages will be opened in this update.
※ Subsequent stages will be added in the next update, the 2nd week of August.

Added new guild content 'Meteor Excavation Operation'

- The meteorite excavation operation will be conducted for 1 week during the Guild Raid off-season.
- You can work with your guild members to excavate the meteorites of the meteor shower that fell around the guild castle, and obtain rewards in the meteorite.
ㄴ Each guild member can select one of the meteorites in the Meteor Shower Valley and proceed with excavation.
ㄴ You can get personal rewards every time you dig a meteorite.
ㄴ If you excavate the meteorite core in units of guilds, you can obtain guild rewards that are paid to all guild members.
- The meteorite excavation operation starts after the guild raid 'Battle Stadium' ends.

Maximum level increase

■ Increase hero's maximum level
- Season 2 World 12 When clearing the Demon Realm, the maximum level of the hero is extended to 78.
ㄴ Starting from level 51, the amount of experience required decreases when leveling up.
ㄴ Among the heroes you have, level 76 or higher will immediately increase their level or experience gauge after the update.
※ Level 80 Heroes immediately increase their level to level 82 99%.
■ Equipment maximum level increase
- The maximum level of equipment has been expanded to 78.
ㄴ Starting at level 75, the amount of experience required decreases when leveling up.
ㄴ If your equipment is level 76 or higher, your level or experience gauge will increase immediately after the update.
※ Level 80 equipment immediately increases to level 82 and 99%.
※ If you have a Transcendental Hero before clearing the Demon Realm,
the level of the Transcendental Hero may be displayed as exceeding the level limit, but the gameplay is not affected.

Camazon Land

- A new season of Camazon Land begins.
- The existing noir-themed season, artifacts and special events are reconfigured to fit the revamped system.
- The effect descriptions of Kamazon Land artifacts, curses, and perks have been changed.
ㄴ The '[Party]' in front of the description will be removed.
ㄴ The type of effect that acquires additional stats based on play is modified to display the additional stats acquired so far in the description.

Two new artifacts have been added.

artifact effect
Reinforcement Totem (Express) Summon 3 Police Assault Squadrons to the friendly camp at the start of battle Summons 3 Police Gunners to the
friendly camp at the start of the battle
Partnership (Express) Summon 3 Yeti Crew Assault Members to your
camp at the start of battle Summons 3 Yeti Crew Shooters to your allied camp at the start of battle

7 artifacts are excluded.

artifact effect
Mandrake (Lesser) [Party] Recovers +10.0% of max HP once every 10 seconds
Mandrake of Dawn (Advanced) [Party] DEF +20%, [Party] Recover 5% of MAX HP once every 7 seconds
Hell's Flower (Advanced) Once every 7 seconds, deal 4% of max HP to random enemies equal to the number of living party members,
and 4% of max HP once every 7 seconds [Party]
Man Eater (Advanced) [Party] ATK +80%,
[Party] HP -10%,
[Party] Weapon skill charging time -1.0 seconds when defeating an enemy
Giant Marshmallow (Advanced) [Party] HP +25.0%,
[Party] Damage Reduction 800.0
Twilight Mandrake (Express) [Party] DEF +30.0%,
[Party] Shield +20.0% once every 7 seconds,
[Party] Recover +20.0% of max HP once every 7 seconds
Audrey (Express) [Party] Skill damage +100%,
[Party] ATK +30% when an enemy is killed,
[Party] Shield +30.0% when an enemy is killed

10 artifacts will be reprinted.

The performance of some reprinted artifacts has been adjusted to match the revamped system.

artifact effect
Pandora's Box (Lesser) Weapon skill charge speed +10%,
skill damage +10%
Ultra-small triangular motor (low class) +20% weapon skill charge speed
Despair and Anger (Intermediate) Weapon skill charge speed +30%,
skill damage +30%
Lens of Light and Darkness (Intermediate) Attack -20%,
weapon skill charge speed +50%
Hope (Advanced) Weapon Skill Charge Speed ​​+50%
Skill Damage +100%
Mask of Courage (Advanced) Defense +30%
HP recovery at the end of battle +30%
Reactive Gloves Mk.Ⅰ (Advanced) Stamina + 20%
+ 20% of maximum health recovery every seven seconds
Reactive Gloves Mk.Ⅱ (Advanced) Defense +10%,
every time an ally takes damage , deals 0.3% of max HP to all enemies (Once every
2 seconds per party member)
Universal storage (advanced) Critical Strike Chance +20%,
Critical Strike Multiplier +20%,
ATK +50% for each curse you possess
sinner's mold (curse) Recovery -10%

The stats of existing artifacts are adjusted.

artifact effect
Predator's Cocoon (Curse) +3% to Enemy Shield once every 5 seconds

The amount of Kamazon Points required for existing perks has been adjusted.

perks point
asceticism ATK +70.0% equal to the number of curses you have (750 points)

Hero and Exclusive Weapon Improvements

■ Exclusive weapon improvements
exclusive weapon Improving
Armada Modifications will be made so that attack and movement are possible immediately after the launch of the fleet salvo fire determination

■ Error correction
- An issue where, after canceling Murasame Akani while using Akani Murasame, did not receive damage when re-used, will be fixed.


- The map of the cooperative game has been changed.

Stamina purchase method modified

- Stamina items that can be purchased with gems are modified so that they can be purchased when the upper stamina UI is pressed.
B Stamina items are no longer sold in Shop > Currency.

Add New Collection

- Two new collections have been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Bug fixes and improvements

■ Fixes and improvements related to goods and world exploration
- An issue that caused locked goods to be selected as materials when 'Bulk Add' with no goods to be added as materials in the goods enhancement menu will be fixed.
- The super costume 'Nari Sleeping on the Hammock', which cannot be manufactured in the Goods Workshop, is modified so that it is not displayed on the Goods Workshop screen.
- If goods that are at the maximum level but have not reached the maximum level are selected as enhancement targets,
The problem that the 'Batch Remove' button is exposed when there are no goods that increase the level of evolution will be fixed.
- If you touch the 'Adventure Start' button to explore the world without both the Operation Plan and the Princess's Edict
It is modified so that a guide pop-up appears instead of the princess's edict usage pop-up.

■ Awakening related corrections and improvements
- The UI is improved so that you can check more types of materials consumed in the Awakening Node Acquisition pop-up UI.
- Awakening Stones with high value are modified so that they are sorted at the top of the list.
- The screen will zoom out when the (-) button is pressed in Awakening.

■ Other error corrections and improvements
- World 1 - If you are already equipped with a weapon stronger than the storm sword obtained from the box at 'Forest Entrance', it will be improved to return to the original equipment.
- World 3 - The difficulty of some battles in which 'Curse Tower' appears has been lowered.
- Nightmare 11 - Fixed an error where the push block could pass through the wall under certain circumstances in the top floor of the floating castle.
- Short stories - Fixed an error where you could fall off a cliff in 'Snow Mountain Gyeonmunrok'.
- An issue where the name of the quest client was displayed incorrectly in the quest Lost Girl...? has been fixed.
- An issue where intermittently ban picks did not proceed normally in Master Arena Beta will be fixed.
- An issue where some heroes' recommended equipment is recommended based on their recovery has been fixed.
- An issue where, under certain circumstances, you could not clear the stage of the short story collection 'Snow Mountain Gyeonmunrok' is fixed.
ㄴ When re-entering the stage, you can clear the stage through the flag that can clear the stage.
- The prologue direction is slightly changed to match the Nightmare 11 story.

New products

Unique Hero's 'Unique Hero Growth Package' added
- Unique Hero Growth Package (Fire Spirit Scintilla)
※ After summoning, if you have the hero, it will be displayed.
※ You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, it will no longer be exposed.

Limited time gem package

9,000 Paid Gems

Limited-time Summon Package

2,700 Paid Gems
35 Summon Controllers

Limited Awakening Stone Package

20 Legendary Awakening Stones
35. Greater awareness of Dreams seats more
Intermediate 60 seats Awakening Dream Dog
Awakening dream of a lower seat 110 dogs
180 seats awakening of the higher attack dogs
180 awareness of senior defensive seats more
180 Awakening of the Greater Stamina seats more
300 Awakening of the intermediate seat attack dogs
300 seats wake of defend Intermediate Dog
Awakening seat 300 intermediate strength more
Lesser Awakening attacks seats 450 dogs
450 Awakening of the lower seats defense more
Lesser physical arousal seats 450 dogs

Limited time stamina package

500 Stamina

New Events

Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥

- Pick-up summons for new and existing heroes are in progress.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

LIVE EVENT: Lilith Tower

- World 13 open commemorative point exchange live event will be held.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

Guild Raid 'The Art Museum is Alive!'

- The Guild Raid 'The Art Museum is Alive!' is in progress.
- It is scheduled to be held on August 7 (Sat), and detailed information will be provided through a notice on the following Friday.

Change the costume rotation

- Changed hero costume rotation

- Changed equipment costume rotation

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.