Patch Notes - September 21st, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Mk. 2

Group Buff:
Crit Chance

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Rifle
3,032-3,329 DPS
Dark Atk 1,486-1,632
Magazine Size 4
Def +16%
HP +22%
Skill Damage +24%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +16%
[Mk.2 only]
Increase damage of Autonomous Weapon System by 50% with 50% chance.
Movement speed increases by 10% when using Close Air Support.
[Mk.2 only]
Weapon Skill Lv +4
[Required Limit Break 5]

Available Banners

Raid Bosses

Fox Garam
Ancient Demon
Mad Panda Trio

New World

- Nightmare World 12 'Devil Realm' is added.
※ Stages 1, 2, and 3 will be opened first.
※ After this stage, the stage will open at 15:00 on Thursday, September 16th .

Floating Special Comics

- Floating special comics are added.
※ It is scheduled to open at 15:00 on Thursday, September 16.
※ Floating Special Manga is added regularly.

Improvements to Heroes and Exclusive Weapons

Improvement of basic stats (based on knowledge 5 star level 1)

- The basic stats of some heroes have been increased.
hero Basic Attack (Increase) base Stamina (Increase) base Defense (Increase)
Idol Eva 978 (+38) 31 (+3)
Gabriel 117 (+2) 937 (+27)
Eleanor 121 (+2) 1027 (+47) 27 (+1)
beth 117 (+2) 957 (+37)
Garam 961 (+61) 16 (+2)
arabelle 130 (+3)

Hero Improvements

hero Improving
arabelle Combo attack damage increased to 330%.
lupine Combo attack damage increased to 450%.
Lily Increases the range of the Fox Orb by approximately 0.15 squares.
Roo Increases movement speed while using Close Shot.
The damage of the 1st and 2nd hits of the approach shot is increased, and the damage of the 4th and 5th hits is decreased. (Melee fire's total damage remains the same.)
Charge time reduced from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.
linkage judgment time is advanced by 0.1 seconds.

Exclusive weapon improvements

dedicated equipment Improving
Terminator Increases the sled support shooting target distance by 0.5 squares.
Innocent Stinger's damage is increased to 240%.
Genocide Bounce Plasma Grenade damage increased to 185%.

Bug fixes and changes

- When Android Mk.99 is equipped with Omega Blaster, the weapon skill level is changed from +5 to +4, the same as other rifle-only weapons.
ㄴ The attack power and charging time are the same as before.


of Boundary - The season of Labyrinth of Boundary with a new attribute begins.
- Season period: After update maintenance ~ October 7 (Thu) 07:59

Labyrinth of nothingness - This is a labyrinth of nothingness that can be played by heroes with no attribute.

- 10 new stages are added.

Labyrinth of Earth - A labyrinth of land that can be played as persistent heroes.


- The map of the cooperative game has been changed.

Addition and Change of Beginner Mission

- Nightmare World 12 Demon Realm Clear Beginner mission is added.
- [Achieve Knight Hero Level 2] Beginner mission rewards have been changed.

existing change
40 Stamina 20 Lesser Dream Awakening Stones
40,000 Gold
Stamina 40
Attack Lesser Awakening Stones 80
Defense Lesser Awakening Stones 80
Health Lesser Awakening Stones
- [Clear Awakening Stone Dungeon 1 time] The reward for the Beginner mission has been changed.

existing change
20 Lesser Dream Awakening Stones
35,000 Gold
Attack 80
Lesser Awakening Stones Defense 80
Lesser Awakening Stones Health 80 Lesser Awakening Stones 35000 Gold
- [Clear 30 Labyrinth Stages] Beginner mission rewards are improved.
ㄴ 2 Guardian Point Tickets (24 hours) added
- [Clear 36 Labyrinth Stages] Beginner mission rewards are improved.
ㄴ 2 Guardian Point Tickets (24 hours) added

Add New Collection

- One new collection has been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Bug fixes and improvements

- The sales period for the Returning Hero Jumping Package, Returning Hero Premium Package, and Returning Hero Support Subscription Package will be extended by one day.
- Some UIs of knowledge are improved.
- The boundary labyrinth entry UI has been improved.
ㅇ The tag for notification will be displayed in the labyrinth of the boundary where the new stage has been added.
- An issue where the check mark above the evolution stone icon was not updated when clearing the evolution stone dungeon will be fixed.
- The phenomenon in which the user moves to the world map when touching the button in the Get Stronger pop-up that is exposed after death in the story replay is fixed.
- A button to check the status of artifacts in the loot selection pop-up of Camazon Land has been added.
- The Guardian Pass level-up gauge is modified to fill up faster.
- An error in the Awakening Node acquisition requirement in the knowledge of Kamael, the God of Harvest, has been corrected.
ㄴ Kamael's Awakening Node acquisition requirement has been changed from 205 to 201.
If the Awakening Node acquisition amount of Kamael, God of Good Harvest, is 201 or more and less than 205, the knowledge can be completed after the update.
If you have already completed the Awakening Node Acquisition Knowledge of Kamael, God of Harvest, it will be marked as completed regardless of the actual number of acquired nodes even after the update.
- The game over production on the 25th floor of the labyrinth of the boundary of all properties is modified so that it is displayed normally.
- World 2 'Marian's Lab' - Fixed an error where you could push the father Titans trapped underground.
- World 2 'Recapture the Secret base of Resistance' - The phenomenon that Private Nion could not be saved intermittently is fixed.
- World 4 'Desert Entrance' - It is changed so that it does not attack when locked in a prison.
- World 4 'Paradise Entrance' - Fixed so that camera shake does not occur if you go outside the event area where you can proceed with the motorcycle surfing event.
- World 12 'Food Alley' - The phenomenon that the BGM does not change when entering the Succubus Bar is fixed.
- The phenomenon in which the effect of the Star Piece remains if you acquire the Star Piece that appears when clearing a specific event after re-entering the stage is fixed.

New package

- Sale period: After update ~ 2021-09-24 07:59:59

Limited time gem package

9,000 Paid Gems

Super Awakening Stone Package

20 Legendary Awakening Stones
180 Advanced Attack Awakening Stones
180 Advanced Defense Awakening Stones
180 Advanced Awakening Stones
300 Awakening Stones for Intermediate Attack
300 Awakening Stones for Intermediate Defense
300 Awakening Stones with Intermediate Health
450 Awakening Stones of Lesser Attack
450 Awakening Stones of Lesser Defense
450 Low-Level Awakening Stones
35 Advanced Dream Awakening Stones
60 Intermediate Dream Awakening Stones
110 Lesser Dream Awakening Stones

One step package with goods

slot 1 slot 2 Payment immediately upon purchase
375 clay 150 flat blueprints 300 Paid Gems
375 circuit boards 150 Circular Blueprints
375 dyes 150 thick blueprints
25 Instant Manufacturing Passes Implantable design 150 dogs
Compact design 150 dogs
Thin design 150 gae
Cylindrical design 150 dogs
Perforated design 150 dogs

3. Mid-Autumn Festival Special Package (Simultaneous Sales All Over the World)
- Sale period: After update ~ 2021-09-24 07:59:59

Hangawi Gem Package

3,000 Paid Gems
100,000 gold
150,000 experience
100 Stamina

Hangawi Stamina Package

500 Stamina

Mid-Autumn Festival Hero Growth Package

20 Legendary Awakening Stones
200 Hero Crystals

Hangawi Premium Summon Package (Subscription Package)

Daily payment components (10 days in total) Payment immediately upon purchase
1,000 Paid Gems 100 Summon Controllers
1 Epic Transcendental Hammer

Chuseok Memorial Epic Transcendence Hammer Package

※ It will be sold for 2 weeks after the update, and can be purchased for 5,000 gems per account once.

◆ New Events
1. 50 Free Summon Events for Chuseok
- In celebration of the upcoming Chuseok, the 50th free summon event will start from September 17 (Fri).
※ The probability is applied the same as the existing summon probability.

Hangawi Attendance Event

- The Hangawi Attendance Event will begin for all knights who log in during the event period.
- Attendance event will be held for 14 days.
※ It will be conducted separately from the existing attendance check.

Rewards for Attendance

Day 1 - Awakening dungeon box (level 70) 3
Day 2 - Gold 200,000
Day 3 - 300,000 experience
Day 4 - 1 Option Change Stone
Day 5 - 1 Princess Edict
Day 6 - 10 Hero Crystals
Day 7 - 2,700 Gems
Day 8 - Awakening dungeon box (level 70) 3
Day 9 - Gold 200,000
Day 10 - 300,000 experience
Day 11 - 1 Option Change Stone
Day 12 - 1 Princess Edict
Day 13 - 5 Legendary Awakening Stones
Day 14 - Epic Transcendence Hammer

Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥

- Pickup summons for new and existing heroes are in progress.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

LIVE EVENT: Demon Realm (Nightmare)

- Nightmare World 12 open commemorative point exchange live event will be held.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

Guild Raid 'Circus of Fear'

- The guild raid 'Circus of Fear' is in progress.
- Scheduled to be held on September 18 (Sat), detailed information will be provided through a notice on the following Friday.

2021. Season.9 Growing straight with the Guardian Pass!

- You can acquire 'Witch Heart', an exclusive weapon for Inuit girl Coco.
ㄴ Some rewards for Free Pass and Gold Pass have been changed.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

Change the costume rotation

- Added super costume

- Changed hero costume rotation

- Changed equipment costume rotation

Guild Conquest War

In addition, we briefly introduce the Guild Conquest War, which is currently being developed as a new guild content.
(Please understand that it is difficult to provide detailed information on a lot of information as it is still under development.)

Guild occupation is not a competition between guilds like a guild raid,
It is PVE content in which guild members cooperate to occupy the stronghold of enemy forces within the guild.
Nodes can be captured through battle, and the it is possible to play strategically using useful occupation effects.
Guild occupation battles will be conducted alternately with guild raids,
We are developing with the goal of updating in October.
Through an update notice at the time of a later update

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.