Patch Notes - March 23rd, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Noxia

Group Buff:
Hit Points

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Basket
2,532-2,781 DPS
Dark Atk 609-668
Crit Hit Chance 4%
Def +16%
HP +16%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +20%
[Necromancer Noxia only]
On hit, inflicts 40% of DPS ranged damage with 40%%, and Dark Spirit taunt inflicts 100% of DPS melee damage.
[Required Limit Break 5]

Raid Bosses

Altered Mad Panda
Lava Slime
Shadow Beast
Ancient Demon

Noxia Youtube Videos

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Nightmare World 10: Unrecorded World Pt. 1 is added

1,2,3 stages will be opened first. The remaining stages will be open a week after.

Advanced evolution stone box subdivision

  • Advanced Evolution Stone Boxes for each attribute are sold instead of the Advanced Evolution Stone Box of Good and Evil and the Advanced Evolution Stone Box of the element.
  • Advanced evolution stone boxes for each attribute can be purchased 5 times a day.
I like it. Gives you a better shot at getting the stones you need.

The new season of Camazone Land begins

  • A special express is added as a new artifact class.
  • Express Artifacts cannot be obtained through shop purchases and rooting, and can only be obtained through exclusive special events
  • Artifacts and special events are organized as a season of the dragon hunter theme.

Hero and exclusive weapon improvements

Arabel continues to get buffs while Tinia is also getting a little love.

Hero Error Correction

  • An issue where Veronica's warrior's blessing does not apply to party members other than the leader in the guild castle scarecrow is fixed.
  • An issue where the Messiah's Divine Stigma did not enter the terrain in high terrain has been fixed.
  • An issue where AI intermittently attacking allies under certain conditions has been fixed.
  • Aisha / Veronica: A problem where AI intermittently overlaps a large target and fails to attack will be corrected.
  • Akayuki-The network sync of the linkage unit in the co-op and arena has been slightly improved.
This could correct Veronica's low output issues.
We'll see more from first-hand reviews after the patch is released Thursday.

Hero Improvements

yle="width:100%;" border="1">
yle="width: 25%;">Heroyle=="width: 25%;">Basic attack power increaseyle=="width: 25%;">Basic defense increaseyle=="width: 25%;">Basic health increase
Arabel212 (+3)1,336 (+40)
Lupina51 (+11)1,436 (+66)
Vishuvac45 (+6)1,424 (+70)
Miya168 (+6)47 (+3)1,392 (+29)
Tinia1,368 (+71)
Tinia - Desert Arrow speed is increased by 25% compared to before.
Arabel - Arabel's AI waiting time is reduced.

Ex Weapon Improvements

Sargna - Dedicated option's Desert Arrow power is increased by 30%. 120% of damage per second -> 150% of damage per second

Costumes & Equipment Costumes

Paid Packages

Custom Packages (NEW)

A package that can be purchased by selecting the desired goods is added. Custom package products are divided into fixed products and custom products. Custom rewards are items that can be selected arbitrarily. I believe these are represented in the "selectable slots" in the packages below.

Limited Time Special Package
  • 3,000 gems

Limited Gem Package
  • 10,000 gems

Special Hero Growth Package
  • 500 stamina
  • 200 Hero Crystals
Unique Hero's Growth Package for Noxia

New Point Roadmap Event

Nothing new here, just a roadmap where you select stuff.

New Guild Raid: City Hunters

Cooperative: 2 New Maps will be Added