Patch Notes - May 4th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Mk. 99

Group Buff:
Ranged Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
Omega Blaster
Epic Rifle
2,691-2,954 DPS
Light Atk 1,269-1,394
Crit Hit Chance 6%
Magazine Size 12
Def +12%
HP +24%
Skill Damage +18%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18%
[Android Mk.99 only]
The explosion range and the damage of Beam Magnum increased by 25%.
The size and damage of Beam Cannon's energy bomb increased by 25%.
[Android Mk.99 only]
Weapon Skill Level +5
[Required Limit Break 5]

Raid Bosses

Viper Clan Leader
Invader Commander

Mk. 99 Youtube Videos

Should You Roll For Mk. 99? || GUARDIAN TALES REVIEW
Gacha Jay

Master Arena Beta

* Master Arena Beta version starts.
* Master Arena is a place where users who finished the last Arena season with Master Tier compete.
* Master Arena's stat correction is the same as that of Arena.
* Guardian level is unified to the maximum level.

Master Arena Beta Open Time

* Master Arena Beta is also open during the week of co-op. (20:00~22:00)
- It will be officially opened through improvement in the future.
* You can use it 10 times a day, the same as the existing Arena.
- The added Master Arena is a Beta version, and progress may not be stable.
- We ask for your patience and ask for your valuable comments on areas that need improvement.

Participation conditions and scores, matching

* The accounts subject to the conditions for participation in the Master Arena are as follows.

- Accounts included in the Arena last season of 1,500 points or more or 500 points
* All knights starting the Master Arena start at 1,500 points.

Hero settings

* When the battle begins, you cannot change the hero's equipment or cards.
* Set up your hero in advance before starting the battle.

Banned hero settings

* You can start a battle after setting a banned hero.
* The banned hero set by the opponent and the banned hero set by the opponent cannot be used.

Hero selection

* Matched knights each select a hero.
* Each hero will be selected three times.
* When the participating hero is confirmed, the hero selected by the player and the hero selected by the opponent will be revealed at the same time.
* After selecting the participating hero, the order of appearance is decided.
* The order of appearance is unknown to the other party.
* Even if the battle begins, the second and third heroes will not be revealed to the opponent.

Seasonal reward (Beta version)

* You must participate at least once during the season to receive the reward.

tear reward
TOP 1 20 battle medals
TOP 2 18 battle medals
TOP 3 16 battle medals
TOP 10 14 battle medals
TOP 100 12 battle medals
Master 1 10 battle medals
Master 2 8 battle medals
Master 3 6 battle medals

Play reward (Beta version)

* 1 battle medal will be awarded per play, regardless of win/loss.

Summon controller added

* This is a ticket-type summon ticket that allows you to summon heroes or equipment instead of gems.
* If you have 10 or more summon controllers, you can summon 10 times using 10 cards.
* Mileage, Magic metal, and Hero Crystal are the same even if you use the Summon Controller.
* Summon controllers are also included in various summon counts.

Maximum stamina holding limit

* It has been changed so that you cannot have more than 3,000 stamina.

(If you have 3,000 stamina, it will be processed as follows.)

If you want to receive stamina mail When receiving stamina in the mail, the total stamina quantity must not exceed 3,000 to be received.
If you want to receive stamina mail in bulk When receiving stamina in the mail, the total stamina quantity must not exceed 3,000 to be received.
If you buy stamina at the store When purchasing stamina at the store, the quantity of stamina must not exceed 3,000 to be purchased.
In-game pickup (roadmap, stage clear) In-game stamina acquisition that is not in the form of mail can be received normally.
- If you have more than 3,000 stamina, you will be paid by mail for the amount of stamina that exceeds 3,000 at the time of the update.
- Stamina paid by mail can be collected for 7 days and cannot be recovered if it is deleted after the collection period.

Guardian new headquarters improvement

* The conditions for opening the new Guardian headquarters have been changed.
- Before: When Chapter 5 is cleared
B After change: When clearing Chapter 2

* The conditions for achieving the new headquarters level will be partially changed according to the change of the open conditions.

level existing change
26 Nightmare World Stage 3-6 Clear World 3-6 stage clear
51 Have 3 or more unique heroes Have 2 or more unique heroes
76 Have at least 3 different Epic-specific weapons Have at least 2 different Epic-specific weapons
101 Have at least 6 unique heroes Have at least 5 unique heroes
126 Have at least 5 different Epic-specific weapons Have at least 4 different Epic-specific weapons
151 Have at least 9
unique heroes, have 1 unique hero at least +1 number of transcendences Have at least 8
unique heroes, have 1 unique hero at least +1 number of transcendences* Guardian level special features have been partially changed.

Special function existing change
Awakening Stone Dungeon Sweep Function Open to Lv.51 Open to Lv.76
Evolution Stone Dungeon Sweep Function Open to Lv.76 Open to Lv.51

Automatic organization added

* An automatic organization function has been added to maximize the production of Guardian Points.
* Automatic organization is organized based on priorities such as guardian point production, hero birth grade, and hero evolution grade.

Cooperative Warfare Improvement

* The cooperative map has been changed.
* Improvements have been made to enable world/guild/waiting room chat in the waiting room.

Guild system improvement

Guild Master automatic delegation in case of long-term failure

* If the guild master does not meet for more than 14 days, the guild master is automatically delegated to other guild members.
- Delegated Target: The driver who accessed the first time while meeting the conditions for automatic delegation
* Guild masters are demoted to regular guild members.
* If the guild does not have a guild master delegation target, it will not be delegated.
* When automatic delegation occurs, it will be notified through the guild chat window.

Guild evolution stone request display on/off

* You can turn the guild evolution stone request display on or off in the guild chat.

Guild invitation search method change

* The search method is changed to the method of searching by hashtag.
* If you enter the back digit of the nickname, you can find the driver you want.

Guild withdrawal notification

* Even if you leave the guild yourself, you will be notified by guild chat.
* If there is a change in personnel Guild Guild withdrawal or expulsion, you can see the number of people status.

Add hero sort filter

* The attribute/class/grade filter function has been added, so you can conveniently sort and check heroes.

Hero max level up added

* A maximum level-up function has been added that allows you to directly raise the level of the hero to the maximum level.
* You can use it after checking the maximum level up.

World difficulty improvement

* The difficulty of some worlds has been slightly lowered.

Exploration Workshop

* A new stage for world exploration has been added.
* In the world exploration stage, the turn is not automatically ended until the player presses "End Turn".* Added the ability to tour the map without leaving when visiting the village in the world exploration stage.
* When entering the world exploration stage just before midnight, a warning text has been added to avoid wasting the plan.

The Labyrinth

of the Boundary-The Labyrinth of Boundary season of the new property begins.* Season period: After update maintenance ~ May 20th (Thursday) 07:59

Labyrinth of Light-It is a labyrinth of light that can be played as light heroes.
* 10 new stages are added.
Labyrinth of Fire-It is a labyrinth of fire that can be played with fire heroes.* The difficulty of floors 15, 25, 30, 34, 39, and 40 has been lowered.

Beginner Mission

* Early beginner mission rewards have been changed.
- After clearing 1-4, during the Summon Beginner Mission, you can obtain a total of 40 Summon Controllers.
- Guardian Point Tickets (24 hours) and Stamina rewards increase in Beginner Missions.
- An account that has already completed a beginner mission cannot receive improved rewards.

Add a new collection

* Two new collections are added to Knowledge> Items> Collections.

Error correction and improvement

* An issue where, when Mayril wears the equipment costume while wearing Solaris, the equipment costume is displayed on only one side has been fixed.
* A basic attack will be performed when cooperative war is in progress, but the phenomenon that'access to cooperative war is limited for 5 minutes' has been fixed.
* Bag-Hero costume, Super costume tabs have been improved.
- The basic animations of the hero costume and super costume are improved to be displayed.
Fixed a problem where some hero costumes and super costumes were not displayed properly.* When the guild button is touched, a pop-up asking whether to enter the guild castle is displayed.
* The world exploration menu has been improved to show goods materials in the order of clay, circuit board, and dye, as in the goods workshop.
* An issue where the starting monster level for each difficulty level is displayed on the Camazone Land difficulty selection screen is insufficient has been corrected.* An issue where the animation did not play properly during the Camazone Land special event has been fixed.* An issue where the bottle cap acquisition pop-up was not exposed when selecting silver coins as the loot when clearing the boss battle stage in Camazone Land has been fixed.* Fixed a problem where some attacks of the type did not ignore the immune status even when registering the'Ignore ranged immunity' and'Ignore short-range immunity' privileges in Camazone Land.
* An issue where the description of the'Window Breaker' artifact was not displayed correctly in Camazone Land has been fixed.* The description text of the'First Aid Kit' artifact and the'Rage Alarm Clock' artifact in Camazone Land have been modified.* Some texts have been modified.
The wrong arena map change description will be corrected.
The wrong item name of Bari Evolution Stone, Lady Flower Shop, has been corrected.
- Random Evolution, Random Equipment will be renamed to Mystery Evolution and Mystery Equipment.
The description related to the provision of the auxiliary option stats of the equipment will be corrected.
* The number of equipment that can be held in the bag is increased by 300.
- The bags of knights who have already expanded their bags are also increased by 300 spaces.
* An issue where the critical chance option of the goods'Wang Chen Nose Glasses' was not properly applied has been fixed.

New product

Unique Hero's'Unique Hero Growth Package' added

-Unique Hero Growth Package ( Android Mk.99 )
* After summoning, it will be exposed if you have the hero.
* You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, you will no longer be exposed.

New Package

* Monthly special package added
-This product is always sold after the update.
-Number of purchases available: once per month per account
When purchasing a product, 1,500 paid gems are immediately paid. 100 paid gems are paid daily for 30 days.
-The existing monthly flat-rate gem subscription package'Summon Everyday! You can purchase new packages even if you have purchased'Subscription Package Products'.

* Limited time summoning package
-Sales period: After update ~ May 6 (Thursday) 07:59
-Number of purchases available: 4 times per account
2,700 gems
35 Summon Controllers
3. Return Package

* Returning Warrior Premium Package
-Sales period: After update-until July 1 (Thursday) 07:59
-This package can only be purchased if'the last access date of the account accessed after the update maintenance is 20 days or earlier'.
* The free subscription package will be deleted after 28 days from the end of sale, even during subscription.
* You can only purchase once per account.
- If you do not purchase for 7 days after checking the original package, you cannot purchase again.

Guardian Point Tickets (24 hours) 10ea
40 Summon Controllers
Awakening Dungeon Box x30
60 Hero Crystals
1.2 million gold
600,000 experience

New Event

Special attendance event for new drivers

- A special attendance event will be held for new drivers who are new to Guardian Tales.
- For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.
* The attendance event for new drivers will be updated every certain period.

Special attendance event for returning drivers

-A special attendance event will be held for returning knights who have returned to Guardian Tales.
-Accounts that meet the conditions of the event can also obtain an additional returning warrior support package (free).
-For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.
* The attendance event for returning drivers will be updated every certain period.

Put the materials for making goods in the driver's arms~!

-An event will be held to give gifts of materials necessary for making goods.
-For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

Pickup Summon! I will be able to pick it, too

-Pickup summons of new and existing heroes are in progress.
-For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

LIVE EVENT: Once upon a time

-Once upon a time, live events will be reprinted.
-You can get all the rewards once again by playing the stages.
-For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

2021. Season. 4 Go straight forward with the Guardian Pass!

-You can acquire the exclusive weapon of Dragon's Claw Lanfang,'Sturdy Determination'.
-For more information, please refer to the [Event ] bulletin board.

Guild Raid'Treasure Hunt'

- Guild Raid 'treasure hunt' is in progress.
- 4 Mon 24-days (Sat) and will continue detailed instructions will guide the drill by means of a notice on Friday this week.

Costume rotation change

-Hero costume rotation change

-Equipment costume rotation change

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.