Patch Notes - May 18th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Lilith

Group Buff:
Melee Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
Queen's Grace
Epic Claw
3,504-3,848 DPS
Dark Atk 871-956
Def 103-116
Crit Hit Chance 15%
Def +10%
HP +25%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +12%
[Demon Queen Lilith only]
Activates a protection effect, which reduces damage taken by 20%. Reduces skill regen time of Darkness Spike to 5 second(s) and Def reduction of enemies increases to 20%.
[Required Limit Break 5]

Raid Bosses

Ancient Demon

Lilith Youtube Videos

[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - Raid S27 ft. Panda (Lilith, Beth, Arabelle, Yuze)
Guardian Tales: Level 85 Coop DUO ONLY Mode! | Lilith x Beth | Lupina x Arabelle
Zombielev Gaming
Guardian Tales | World 12-1(Nightmare) 100% Completion | Lilith Tower
Zeeebo Gaming
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - Raid S26 | Sandmonster (Lilith, Beth, Arabelle, Yuze)
Guardian Tales: World 12-1 Nightmare Mode | Lilith Tower 100%
Zombielev Gaming

New world added

New World 12 'Demonic' has been added.

* One main stage will be opened in this update.
Afterwards, the stage will be split open on Thursday, May 13th and in a future update.
※ Later stages are being prepared for addition according to the schedule below.
※ The schedule for additional stages may change depending on the development situation.

Scheduled date for stage addition Additional stage
Thursday, May 13 Stage 2-3
Thursday, May 20 Later stage
3. Increase the maximum level

Level Cap Increase

-World 11 When clearing the unrecorded world Part 2, the maximum level of the hero is expanded to 75.
* Heroes with level 73 or higher increase their level or experience gauge immediately after the update.
-The maximum level of equipment has been expanded to 75.
* Equipment that is level 73 or higher increases the level or experience gauge immediately after the update.
※ If you have a Transcendental Hero before clearing the Unrecorded World Part 2.
The level of the Transcendental Hero may be marked as exceeding the level limit, but gameplay is not affected.

Hero and exclusive weapon improvement and error correction

- Basic stat improvement (based on Knowledge 5 Star Level 1)
-The basic stats of some heroes have been increased.

hero Basic attack power (increase amount) Basic resilience (increased amount) Basic defense (increase amount)
Miya 168 (+4) 1440 (+36)
Rufina 51 (+5)

Hero Improvement

hero Improving
Ran The special ability is applied even if Ran is unable to fight, and is changed to be activated every 30 seconds.

[Before] Heals allies whose health is below 50% by 20% immediately.
Resuscitation no longer triggers on an ally that has been activated once.
[Change] When an ally is damaged and its health falls below 50%, heals the health by 20%.
Resuscitation triggers once every 30 seconds.
Plitvice Chance to trigger special abilities increased from 15% to 20%.
- Exclusive weapon improvement

Ex Weapon Improvement

Dedicated equipment Improving
Amarok Fel Hound's prep time is reduced by 0.05 seconds, and
Fel Hound's range and speed are increased by 10%.
Exclusive option's proc chance increased from 30% to 40%, and the
spacing between multiple Dark Wolves summoned is reduced by 20%.
Flowers and birds Sufferer's weapon skill damage increased from 200% to 280% of damage per second.

Error correction and improvement

-An issue where Veronica and Noxia's ability opening according to evolution was incorrectly set has been corrected.
A problem that is added when the party buff that must be opened when evolving from 3-star to 4-star evolves from 4-star to 5-star has been fixed.
Fixed a problem where special abilities were not displayed when evolving from 4 stars to 5 stars.
-An issue where there is no sound from Tinia's normal attack has been fixed.
-In the cooperative battle, the pattern of Tinia has been modified so that it does not overlap with the pattern of other users.
-Fixed a problem where the location of the explosion was not accurate when the target was attached to the target while using the normal attack beam magnum of Mk.99.
-The phenomenon of intermittently passing through the wall while using the future princess' linkage device has been corrected.
-An issue where the special abilities of Idol Eva, Miya, Mk.99, and Beth were not activated in certain situations has been fixed.
-A problem where the damage reduction effect of Lina's subordinate goods was not applied has been fixed.
-The description of the merchandise option in the hero information window has been modified so that it is displayed in accordance with the rules of the information window.

Camazone Land

- The new season of Camazone Land begins.
- Artifacts and special events are organized as a culinary-themed season.
- Artifact storage privilege function has been changed.
- If you register the privilege with the artifact storage privilege turned off while the artifact is stored, the stored artifact will be removed.
- Increases the monster level of the ascetic and conqueror difficulty.

8 new artifacts added

* Cooking God's Blessing (Lower) [Party] Recovery +20%
* Dragon Blood (Lower) [Party] Fire ATK +15%
* Travel Bread (Advanced) [ Party] HP +20%, Max HP +3% each time you clear the [Party] battle stage
* Flesh Fragment (Higher) [Party] HP +20%, [Party] recovers 10% of maximum HP every 7 seconds, [Party] recovers 20% of maximum HP once battle
* Predator Salad (Advanced) [Party] HP +60%, [Party] Recover 20% of maximum HP when killing an enemy
* Different World Soup (Advanced) [Party] 30% of the maximum HP of allies at the start of battle, [Party] Attack +100% and Defense +20% for 20 seconds when the HP is less than 75%, Attack +100% for 20 seconds when the HP is less than 50% And defense +20%
* Magiton Supplement (Advanced) [Party] Attack +30%, [Party] Defense +30%, [Party] Weapon Skill Charge Speed ​​+30%
* Special Meat Pie (Limited Express) [Party] HP +100%,[Party] recovers 20% of maximum HP every 7 seconds

4 types of artifacts are excluded

Artifact effect
* Hot communication device (lower level) Fire ATK +15%
* Oblivion's Chair (Lower) [Party] Recovery +20%
* Blessed Heart Rocket (Express) [Party] Invincible for 2 seconds every 10 seconds, [Party] Attack +30%, [Party] Critical Chance +30%
* Window Breaker (Express) When hitting an enemy with a shield, damage 10% of the target's maximum HP (triggers once every 3 seconds)

One artifact will be reprinted

* Mandrake (Lower) [Party] Recover 10% of maximum HP once every 10 seconds

The effects of two artifacts have been changed

* Alarm Clock of Anger (Intermediate) [Party] Attack +100% when an ally dies [Party] Attack +30% when an ally dies
* First Aid Kit (Intermediate) [Party] Recover +100% HP when an ally dies [Party] Recover +50% HP when an ally dies
* One new curse has been added and one has been excluded.
* [added] Pie from the end of hell: -100% skill damage
* [excluded] Pie from hell: -50% skill damage

Guild Improvement

Submaster position added

- A submaster position that allows you to manage a guild with the guild master has been added.
* You can appoint/dismiss a submaster by touching a member in the guild information.
* Guild members who have passed 24 hours after joining the guild can be appointed as submasters.
* Submaster can only be appointed up to 1 person.

- The submaster's authority is as follows.
- B guild information creation and modification: Guild Mark, introduction guild, the guild's public / private switching, Bulletin Guild
- b guild management: accept and decline to join the guild, guild invite, guild expelled

- If there is a submaster, automatic delegation will be given first.

Guild notification function added

-A notification function has been added that allows guild masters and submasters to notify all guild members.
* You can register up to one guild notice, and you can edit and delete registered notices.
* Guild notice can be written up to 60 characters. (Not including banned words)
* Creation, modification, and confirmation of guild notices can be done through the guild chat window.

Cooperative Warfare Improvement

-The cooperative map has been changed.
-Improvements have been made so that the moderator can convert the code room into a quick matching room.
B If there is a user in the room who does not meet the minimum entry conditions, it is not possible to switch to the quick matching room.
* Once converted, the quick matching room cannot be returned to the code room.
* All/Chat/Guild Chat functions will be lost in the converted room.

Level 75/80/85 dungeon stage level and hero minimum level requirements have been adjusted

Level 75 existing after change
Stage level 75, hero minimum level 77 Stage level 78, hero minimum level 80
Level 80 existing after change
Stage level 80, hero minimum level 77 Stage level 83, hero minimum level 80
Level 85 existing after change
Stage level 85, hero minimum level 77 Stage level 88, Hero minimum level 80

heck the progress of training heroes

-Improvements have been made so that you can check the progress of training the heroes placed in the training room.
-You can check the level, evolution, awakening, and transcendence status by touching the [during training] button of the training hero.

Exploration Workshop

- New goods and blueprints added
-Two new goods will be added.
* Blank paper design can also be confirmed from the expected manufacturing results.
* unique Mysterious vending machine piggy bank
* unique Invader Mothership Model
- Two new blueprints are added.
* Cylindrical Design
* Perforated Design

- You can acquire new goods through the blank blueprint.
- New blueprints can be selected from existing packaged products that could be purchased by selecting blueprints.

- World exploration stage compensation correction
- Some of the compensation of the world exploration stage is modified so that new blueprints can be received.
- Only the blueprint compensation in the stage clear compensation and stage clear boost compensation will be changed.

- The rewards that can be obtained through the treasure chest are not changed.

* Stage name Existing blueprint compensation Rewarded blueprint compensation
* Three way Insertion blueprint Holed blueprint
* Fishing is a battle Flat blueprint Cylindrical design drawing
* Assassination without witnesses Thick blueprint Insertion blueprint
* Elfheim Prototype schematic Holed blueprint
* Do you have a pass? Thin schematic Cylindrical design drawing

New collection added

-A new collection is added to Knowledge> Items> Collections.

Error correction and improvement

-Improvements have been made so that the auto battle button is always activated when starting a repeat battle in a rift dungeon.
-Training Room
* Training Room has been improved to show a portrait of a hero when placing or disabling a hero in a slot.
* Improved so that you can check the nurturing status of the hero placed in the training room.
-Guardian New Headquarters Automatic Organization
* When the Guardian New Headquarters is automatically organized, it is improved so that you can check the increase in Guardian Point production.
* The auto-organization button is modified to be inactive when the organized party's guardian point production is at its maximum.
-Improvements have been made so that the super costume is applied to the statue of the Scarecrow Lord in the guild castle.
-Fixed a problem where basic attacks are performed when cooperative battles are in progress, but'Cooperative access is limited for 5 minutes'.
-An issue where the same chat content is repeatedly exposed when conducting a cooperative chat has been fixed.
-Fixed a problem where the animation of Mk.99 set as the representative character was displayed abnormally during the production of goods production completion.
-The design of the UI for adding hero experience has been modified.
-An issue where the number of available auxiliary options for some items was incorrectly displayed has been fixed.
-Master Arena Beta A problem where a box is not created after the first box is created in a closed classroom has been fixed.
-An issue where the illustrations of some heroes are not displayed intermittently in Master Arena Beta has been fixed.
-An issue where the ranking battle record is displayed as a failure when fighting in Master Arena Beta has been fixed.
-An issue that caused the ranking battle record to remain intermittently if canceled during Master Arena Beta Matching has been fixed.

12. Information on products that have been discontinued
- 'Summon every day! Subscription package product' sales end
- Drivers who purchased the product before the update maintenance will receive the gem for the remaining period even after the sale ends.

New Paid Packages

Unique Hero's'Unique Hero Growth Package' added

-Unique Hero Growth Package ( Demon King Lilith )
※ After summoning, it will be exposed if you have the hero.
※ You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, you will no longer be exposed.

Addition of packages for new and returning drivers

- Added jumping package for new drivers
-Exposure period: 2021-05-07 At the end of maintenance ~ Always sold (displayed for 7 days after initial exposure)
-This package will be exposed to newly connected drivers starting on April 15th (Thursday) and will be maintained for 7 days.
-In this package, you can select a unique hero and one exclusive weapon each.
However, the new hero, Demon King Lilith, and the new exclusive weapon, Queen's Grace, cannot be selected.

Jumping Package #1 Components

- Custom Package Selection Slot - 2ea / Fixed 1ea
* Unique Hero Selection x 1
* Exclusive Weapon Selection x 1
- Payment immediately upon purchase
* Awakening Stone Dungeon Box lvl 70 x 10

Jumping Package #2 Components

-1 Custom Package Selection Slot / 2 Fixed
* Unique Hero or Exclusive Weapon Selection x 1
- Paid immediately upon purchase:
* Summon Controller x 100
* Awakening Stone Dungeon Box 70lv x 10 Payment

Added package for returning drivers

-Exposure period: 2021-05-07 At the end of maintenance ~ 2021-05-20 07:59:59 (Displayed for 7 days after the first exposure)
-This package will be exposed to drivers who have returned from April 15 (Thursday) and will be maintained for 7 days.
* The target is for drivers who logged in on April 15th (Thursday) after there was no record of accessing Guardian Tales for 20 days.
- Jumping package, you can choose one for your unique hero and only weapon.
However, the new hero, Demon King Lilith, and the new exclusive weapon, Queen's Grace, cannot be selected.

Season 2 Limited Return Champion Jumping Package Components

-Custom Package Selection Slot 1 / Fixed 2
* Unique Hero Selection x 1 or Exclusive Weapon Selection x 1 -Paid immediately upon purchase
* Summon Controller x 60
* Awakening Dungeon Box lvl 70 x 10
※ For new/returned drivers after April 22, the package will be displayed until 12:00 noon on May 14 (Fri).

General new package added

-Exposure period: 2021-05-07 At the end of maintenance ~ 2021-05-20 07:59:59
- Season 2 Limited Specials Package

* Paid Gem 8,100
* Gold 800,000
* Experience 1,200,000

- Season 2 Premium Summon Subscription Package
-This package is a subscription (10 days) product.

* Subscription product configuration
* 1000 gems x 10 days
* Immediately paid upon purchase * Summon Controller x 100
* Epic Transcendence Hammer x 1

Costumes / Events

New event

Pickup Summon! I will be able to pick it, too ♥
- Pickup summons of new and existing heroes are in progress.
- For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.


- A live event for exchanging points is in progress.
- LIVE EVENT: The event announcement is currently being revised and will be announced on May 6th (Thursday).

Guild Raid 'The Altar of the Megalith'

- Guild Raid'Altar of the Megalith' is in progress.
- Scheduled to be held on May 15th (Sat), detailed information will be provided through a notice on the next Friday.

Costume rotation change

- Miya Super costume added

- Hero costume rotation change

- Equipment costume rotation change

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.