Patch Notes - June 1st, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Lucy

Group Buff:
Crit Chance

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Staff
2,799-3,073 DPS
Fire Atk 826-907
Def +18%
HP +20%
Skill Damage +22%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +16%
[Trickster Lucy only]
On hit, a card explodes and inflicts additional 30% of DPS with a 40% chance.
When using Royal Straight Flush, increases Def by 30% for 3 seconds.
[Trickster Lucy only]
Weapon Skill Lvl +4
[Required Limit Break 5]

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New stage added

- Four stages of World 12 Demon World have been added.
- One passage stage consisting of simple battles was excluded because it was judged not to fit the overall play breath.

3. Floating special comics

- A special floating comic cartoon has been added.
- Floating special comics are added regularly.

Hero and exclusive weapon improvements

Hero improvement

Idol eva The sound wave's last attack has been improved so that if only one of the three projectiles is hit, the damage is similar to that of all hits.
Tinia Wind Arrow now changes from a single target hit to a slight range hit.
Ran Qigong Kwon has been changed from a single target hit to a slight range hit.
Changed the weapon skill charge time to decrease from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds when charging the wall, and increase the speed and range of the wall by 50%.
sack Charge time reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.
Awakening stat's damage reduction +2 ability is changed to weapon skill charge speed +4% ability.
Bishbach Special abilities increase fire element health by an additional 15%.
[Before] Increases damage by 25% when attacking non-fire enemies.
[Change] Damage increases by 25% when attacking non-fire enemies. Increases the health of fire attribute party members by 15%.

- The new effect is added to the party's health increase effect.

Exclusive weapon improvement

Prominence Increases damage dealt by 12.5% ​​at the moment of Purifying Flame is activated. The total damage is the same.
When the exclusive effect is activated, the amount of HP recovery increases from 1% to 2%.
Volcanic Horn When you cast Flame of Destruction, the preparation action time is reduced by 0.05 seconds.
Messiah When Veronica uses Divine Stigma, the charge speed is reduced from 8.5 seconds to 8.3 seconds.

Co-op map change

- The cooperative map has been changed.

The Labyrinth

of the Boundary-The Labyrinth of Boundary season of a new attribute begins.
-Season period: After update maintenance ~ June 17 (Thu) 07:59

- Dark Labyrinth
- This is a dark labyrinth that can be played with dark heroes.
- 10 new stages are added.

- Water Labyrinth
- This is a labyrinth of water that can be played with water-based heroes.


- Shop Improvement
- It is improved so that you can purchase multiple products in the shop and the floating shop.
- Improvement of floating SP consumption area

Floating Vending Machine

-A new object floating vending machine has been added that allows you to obtain rewards by consuming SP in floating.
- Floating vending machines are created only for knights who have destroyed the'Mysterious Vending Machine'.
- 750,000 SP is required to destroy the floating vending machine.
- Floating vending machine is regenerated every certain time.
- floating vending machine compensation information

Rank 5 Mystery Equipment 2% chance of getting
Rank 4 Mystery Equipment 8% chance of getting
Rank 3 Mystery Equipment 40% chance of getting
Level 2 Mystery Equipment 50% chance of getting

Improvement of convenience in acquiring floating goods

-The inn's hero SP storage limit and the facility's maximum gold storage amount have been expanded so that knights can more conveniently acquire floating goods.
- The maximum storage time for each good is increased from 6 hours to 12 hours.
- The social media follower visit cycle is adjusted from 6 hours to 14 hours.
When the Hero Statue Square reaches level 10, followers will visit every 12 hours.
- Follower SP acquisition correction value increases as visit cycle increases.

Modification of floating SP production method

-Only the hero who appeared in the floating castle will be modified to produce SP.
- Previously, heroes that did not appear in the floating castle also produced SP, so in order to acquire more SP,
We had to replace the heroes appearing in the floating castle by moving the content.
- In line with the changed SP production method, the floating SP production will be higher than before.
- Ryokan base production increased from 20 to 30.
ㄴThe number of heroes that can accommodate the floatation increases according to the level of the inn.

Inn level I'm after
Inn Lv.1 9 9
Inn Lv.2 17 18
Inn Lv.3 17 18
Inn Lv.4 26 28
Inn Lv.5 26 28
Inn Lv.6 36 40
Inn Lv.7 36 40
Inn Lv.8 55 60
Inn Lv.9 55 60
Inn Lv.10 55 60

Hero filter function improvement

- 'Select all' filter is added.
- Improvements have been made so that the filter is not reset when returning to the party settings from the stats.

Guild Information UI Improvement

- It is improved so that you can check the Guild's battle history.
- Guild Raid: Total Guild Raid Ranking and Accumulated Damage for All Seasons
- Scarecrow: Guild's Scarecrow Battle Record
- Improvements have been made so that you can check the status of the number of other guilds.

Other improvements - Improved

to select the last stage entered from the crack stage list.
- A description of the initial progression of the hero of knowledge has been added to the description of the hero initialization.

Camazone land improvement and modification

-The difficulty of achieving the Gourmet linked Event to unlock the'Super Chef' privilege has been reduced.
- After the update, in the event'Dark Cooking','Hands out dishes.' Once you choose an option,
At any time during the season, the related event'Between Gourmet and Gourmet' will be able to appear.
Curse'Pie from the End of Hell' is added to the perk'curse support' effect target.
- In the event'Health Kitchen', the material of the artifact'Special Meat Pie' is changed to only one of the artifact'Piece of the flesh'.
- An issue where the expected result of the event'Dungeon Kingdom Chef' option was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
- Artifacts'Travel Bread','Piece of the Body','Blessing of the Cooking God', and'Dragon Blood' have been modified to be sold at Agatha's shop.

New collection added

-Two new collections are added to Knowledge> Items> Collections.

Error correction

-An issue where the UI of the acquired hero is displayed when clearing the Lazy Fairy quest without acquiring Aoba has been fixed.
- Fixed a problem where the Debuff related UI was displayed abnormally in the Demon Stage-Fixed a problem in
which Demon Dollar could become negative during the Demon Stage .
- An issue that does not progress on the white screen after defeating the Plague Monster during the Demon World Disappearing Quest has been fixed.
- Master Arena Beta A problem where a box is not created after the first box is created has been fixed.
- Fixed a problem where the party member's movement speed buff UI was displayed abnormally while paused.
- An issue where the guild ranking and personal ranking could not be checked in the guild scarecrow ranking has been fixed.


Unique Hero's'Unique Hero Growth Package' added

- Unique Hero Growth Package (Lucy Kaito)
- After summoning, it will be exposed if you have the hero.
- You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, you will no longer be exposed.

Limited time summoning package

1,500 Paid Gems
Summon Controller x 15

Limited time stamina package

500 stamina

Limited Gem Package

Paid Gems 9,000

Custom package one step with goods

Paid Gems 300
- Slot configuration
Slot 1
375 clay
375 circuit boards
375 dyes
25 instant manufacturing rights
Slot 2
150 flat blueprints
150 prototype blueprints
150 thick blueprints
150 insertion design drawings
150 small blueprints
150 thin blueprints
150 cylindrical designs
150 perforated blueprints
25 instant manufacturing rights

Jumping packages for new and returning knights-In

the case of new heroes and exclusive weapons, you will be able to select from the jumping packages from the point of update 4 weeks after the initial release.
-This applies to Lilith released in the previous update and all heroes to be released in the future.


the sales period of jumping packages for returning drivers-The sales period of jumping packages for returning drivers will be extended to 07:59 on July 1st.
- Displayed for up to 7 days after initial exposure, and not exposed after 07:59 on July 1.

Roadmap EVENT: Misdirection

- A total of 4 million experience points and a hero reset stone are included as rewards for roadmap events and event missions .
- As a reward for the event mission, you can obtain an additional 25-level strengthening hammer and 30,000 gold every day.
- There is a roadmap event where you can play content and exchange various rewards with the points you earn.
- For more information on the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

2021. Season.5 Go straight forward with the Guardian Pass!

- You can acquire'Jeminus', the exclusive weapon of the double- minded maid Amy .
- For more information, please refer to the [Event ] bulletin board.

Costume rotation change

- Hero costume rotation change
- Equipment costume rotation change

Currently, many drivers have spoken about the burden or inconvenience of growth due to level expansion.
Accordingly, we are preparing for improvement such as reducing the amount of experience required for heroes and equipment and adjusting the amount of money dungeon compensation.

After the last update, there are knights who have already reached the maximum level or played the experience dungeon.

Improvements will be made at the next maximum level expansion.
Until then, we will continue to provide insufficient goods through events.

In addition, in the case of goods that give a lot of opinions, there is no plan to add new goods as soon as
possible, and we will develop and add a ceiling system to compensate for the inconvenience of drivers at the time of adding the next goods.

In addition to this, we are reviewing all opinions for various improvements, and improvements are decided and
we will continue to update possible areas.

Thank you.

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.