Patch Notes - June 15th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Seaside Sohee

Group Buff:
Melee Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
The Nereid
Epic Two Handed Sword
3,691-4,053 DPS
Basic Atk 1,433-1,574
Def 64-71
Crit Hit Chance 3%
Def +20%
HP +16%
Skill Damage +12%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +22%
[Scientist on the Beach Sohee only]
On Ripping Rush's hit, fire Magiton energy once every 3 seconds and deal additional 75% of DPS damage. Attacks maximum of 3 enemies.
[Scientist on the Beach Sohee only]
Weapon Skill Lv +4
[Required Limit Break 5]

Raid Bosses

Goblin Chief
Lava Slime King

Seaside Sohee Youtube Videos

Guardian Tales | New Basic Hero, Seaside Sohee and Community designed costumes! | Milf-ed Up Sohee
Zeeebo Gaming

Camazon Land

- A new season of Camazon Land begins.
- A Western themed season with artifacts and special events.
- Two new bosses are added.
- The probability of certain special events appearing is increased.
- Unlike before, where all special events appeared with the same probability, the probability of certain special events appearing increases according to the progress of the challenge.
- ex. Increases the chance of 'Special Sale' appearing when you have 300 or more silver coins
- ex. Increases the chance of a linked event appearing while a linked event is in progress

8 new artifacts have been added.

Artifact effect
Stalker's Glasses (Advanced) At the start of battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 sec),
at the start of the battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 sec),
at the start of battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 seconds)
Outlaw's Mask (Advanced) When attacking an enemy with reduced defense, 10% of attack power is applied per second (activated once per second),
[party] attack power +20%
Heavy Weapons Carrier (Advanced) [Party] ATK +80%,
[Party] Critical Chance +20%
Prideful Battle Pants (Advanced) [Party] Defense +30%, Damage Reduction +800
Peacemaker (Advanced) [Party] Damage to boss monsters +50%,
[Party] Damage to elite monsters +50%,
[Party] Critical multiplier +50%
Sheriff's Badge (Advanced) [Party] Critical Strike Chance +40%, Artifact 30% discount at Agatha's Shop
Rain of Justice (Express) [Party] Damage to boss monsters +150%,
[Party] Damage to elite monsters +150%,
[Party] Critical multiplier +100%
Executioner's Voice Gagged (Express) -30% of all enemies' DEF at the start of battle (Duration: 40 seconds)

9 artifacts are excluded.

Artifact effect
Blessing of the Cooking God (Lesser) [Party] Recovery +20%
Dragon Blood (Lesser) [Party] Fire attribute attack power +15%
Mandrake (Lesser) [Party] Recover 10% of Max HP once every 10 seconds
Travel Bread (Advanced) [Party] HP +20%,
[Party] Max HP +3% every time you clear a battle stage
Fragment of the Flesh (Advanced) [Party] DEF +20%, [Party] Recovers 10% of Max HP once every 7 seconds,
[Party] Recovers 20% of Max HP at the end of battle
Predator Salad (Advanced) [Party] HP +80%,
[Party] Recover 20% of Max HP when killing an enemy
Another World Soup (Advanced) [Party] Damage by 30% of ally's max HP at the start of battle,
[Party] ATK +120% and DEF +30% for 20 seconds when HP is below 75%,
[Party] ATK +120% for 20 seconds when HP is below 50% and defense +30%
Magiton Supply (Advanced) [Party] ATK +40%, [Party] DEF +40%, [Party] Critical Chance +20%
Special Meat Pie (Exclusive) [Party] HP +150%, [Party] Recover 20% of Max HP once every 7 seconds

2 artifacts will be reprinted.

Artifact effect
Chair of Oblivion (Lesser) [Party] Recovery +20%
hot communication device (lower grade) Fire property attack +15%
- 1 type of curse is reproduced and 1 type is excluded.

curse effect
[Reprint] Pie from Hell Skill damage -50%
[Except] Pie from Hell's End Skill damage -100%

Co-op map change

- Cooperative map has been changed.

Improvements and bug fixes

- The ability to easily move from the orbital elevator to the desired recording room stage is added.
ㄴ If you touch the 'Record Room' button added to the bottom right of the Orbital Elevator Lobby, the Record Room List UI is displayed.
ㄴ You can move to the desired recording room stage by selecting a stage from the recording room list.
- The equipment filter function has been added so that you can see only the equipment you want on the equipment screen of enhancement and stats.
- An issue where, when Tinia's normal attack hits a wall, there is no range hit will be fixed.
- An issue where you could not receive the quest clear reward when you became the best criminal has been fixed.
ㄴ Some accounts (61 accounts in total) who cleared the quest normally but did not receive a reward after becoming the best criminal
The ' Laser Cannon for Pig BBQ' weapon costume will be sent by mail.
- Battle of Demon Lord Lilith English Voice - The point that other voices were played in victory is fixed.
- An error in the spelling of the voice actor name of some Japanese voices has been fixed.
- It is modified so that up to 50 sweeps and repeat battles can be specified.

Add New Collection

- One new collection has been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Paid Packages

1. Unique Hero's 'Unique Hero Growth Package' added
- Unique Hero Growth Package (Seaside Scientist Sohi)
※ After summoning, if you have the hero, it will be displayed.
※ It can be purchased for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and it will no longer be exposed after 7 days without purchase

Weapon Master Package

Paid Gem 10,800
Option change stone x 10
Optional Fixed Stone x 5

Limited-time Summon Package

Paid Gems 3,000
Summon Controller x 30

Special Hero Growth Package

Gold 800,000
800,000 experience
Legendary Awakening Stone x 20

Roadmap EVENT: Beach Festival

- A roadmap event will be held where you can play content and exchange various rewards with the points you earn.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

Huge Draw Machine Event

- A huge lottery machine event that supports the roadmap event is held together.
- Goods crafting materials will be provided along with experience, gold, and reinforcement hammers.

Guild Raid: Come! Coast Guard

- Guild Raid ' Come! Maritime Rescue Team ' is in progress.
- It is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 5, and detailed information will be provided through a notice on this Friday.

Super Costumes

Changed hero costume rotation

Changed equipment costume rotation

※ In this update, 6 types of works participating in the existing costume contest (5 types of hero costumes, 1 type of equipment costume) will be implemented.
※ 6 kinds of costume implementation works are sold for 300 gems each, and they are sold through rotation in the same way as the existing costumes.
※ As a token of our gratitude for your participation in and support for the costume contest, we will give out 1,800 gems to all knights at the time of the update .
※ 1,800 gems will be paid once per account at the time of update, and will be sent by mail if you log in by June 13 (Sun).