Basic vs Ghast Raid


This fight is more about tactical positioning, negating the Boulders ability with long chains and just knowing how to maximize DPS on Future Knight (which is not very obvious).

Leading with Future Knight

An uncommonly known fact is that if you use Future Knight’s chain ability as soon as it’s available, you lose DPS. It’s true and you can easily test on the practice dummy. You do a considerable amount more damage with FK’s auto attack which makes the hero a bit different than your other heroes.

So how does this change how you lead with FK? It’s more of a priority system than anything and this is what those priorities look like:

* Cast Special if I need to build chain.
* If I can autoattack, do not cast special.
* If my autoattack is on cooldown, cast special
* After the final chain is cast, don’t special for 3 seconds (to maximize DPS)

It’s a weird flow but very crucial to maximize your DPS as Future Knight.

Boss Abilities


Directional Cast

Lunge will be cast repeatedly during the fight. The most important thing is that it will interrupt your casts which could lead to a very poor raid run. So just get in the habit of using your special after a Lunge or timing it well enough that the lunge will never interrupt your specials.

It does do decent damage as well and the only way of avoiding it (which will rarely happen) is to run directly away from Ghast when you see the directional cast start.


Castbar - (faster cast)

FLYING KNEE! Ghast and his little tiny knees will lunge at you doing very little damage on the account that I think his knees are ever-so-tiny. Not worth caring about.

Ice Beams

Directional Cast

This ability doesn’t do a great amount of damage and will certainly be cast once (15 seconds in or so) and perhaps a second time towards the end of the fight.

What the ability does is makes your AI teammates run around to dodge the beams which means you lose DPS. So what we’re going to do is have your lead character in the bottom left corner when the cast goes off so half of the beams are off the screen at all times. This DRASTICALLY reduces the movements of your comrades and DPS doesn’t slow down.


Long Cast

Much like Worm’s Death Spin or Elphaba’s Atk Debuff, this cast should never get off as it does a considerable amount of damage and can kill raid members. All we have to do to avoid it is maximize our chain time and we’re in the clear.

If the spell does get off, it’s not the end of the world unless it kills a teammate or two (which is very possible).

Group Composition

The "ideal" group composition will be Future Knight, Nari, Eva and Lucy.

Nari debuffs while Eva and Lucy buffs during the chains.


At the beginning of the fight you want to position yourself in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen until the Ice Beam is cast, then move to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen until the next Ice Beam. It’s fairly simple and keeps movement down to a minimal.

Chain Order

2 chains of 4 characters, optimally 41s and 15s left.

The purpose of the chain order is to debuff, then buff then damage. Since we know FK does more damage with auto attacks, ensure that you don’t immediately cast FK’s chain when you come out of the chain yourself. Give it a few seconds of auto attacks before you cast the chain.

In addition, after the second chain, FK should no longer use his special because it’s just a DPS loss if you’re no longer building a chain (because the fight is almost over).

The first chain casts should be lengthened to negate the Boulder ability. The second chain cast can be a little faster.

Nari Lucy Eva Future Knight
Effect: +Crit +Crit Multiplier +Atk Damage
Execute as fast as possible.

Some videos of this in action: