Creating a Team

On our Discord we get a lot of people asking “what team should I use?” and there’s only one way to answer that question and it always starts with “For what game mode?”. Anyone that just gives you a team without asking that question is giving you a personal preference and there is plenty of that going around with a varying spectrum of competence.

With this guide what I’m going to do is show you where the tools are so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

For what Game Mode?


(meaning single player content) is generally set up in the format of 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS. If both DPS provide a strong stream of healing then you may not need a healer but that’s at your own peril. The healers in order of usefulness are (at the time of this writing) Miya, Favi, Karina, Aoba and Lorraine.

Look up what everyone else uses here and remember to filter by type (if necessary)

PvE Rankings

Then you’ll want to ensure that you can get a full (or at least 3 chain) out of those characters, you can do so here:

Chain Manager

This team can double as your Kamazon team but if you want a little more insight into that, you can go here:

Kamazon Rankings


Generally with 1-2 tanks and a handful of meta characters. Try to fight people with the same team and try to mimic their positioning if they beat you soundly.

This page will have all you need to understand the current teams and their usefulness.

Coliseum Rankings

You can also use #coliseum on our Discord to flush out the finer points.


Arena is an easy one to look up as well because we record that directly on the site. You can find your Arena results here:

Arena Rankings


Now Raid teams are a bit tricky and super streaky. Meaning they change season to season, boss to boss. What we can do though is look at the raid rankings to see what heroes show up in more teams. This will give you a better idea of which characters are being used more often.

Raid Rankings

It’s probably much more effective to just go to the raid boss page, click on a given boss and find the best teams to use against that boss. Doing this for the bosses within a tier should give you a very, very competent overview of what characters are good to use and with whom.

You'll also want to visit the Chain Manager to ensure it all works out smoothly:

Chain Manager

In Summary

The tools are out there to find what you need, you just gotta get to work!

If you need a little more help and some in-between-the-lines info, you can always jump on our Discord for more information. Discord