Patch Notes - October 4th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Orca

Group Buff:
Ranged Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Rifle
3,040-3,338 DPS
Water Atk 760-834
Magazine Size 6
Def +20%
HP +18%
Skill Damage +22%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +18%
[Orca only]
Throws 2 additional mines when using Mine Toss. On hit, reduce skill regen time of Mine Toss by 0.5 seconds.
[Required Limit Break 5]

Available Banners

Orca Youtube Videos

Guardian Tales Raid - Ancient Demon Lvl 83 - Orca lead
Guardian Tales Raid - Ancient Demon Lvl 83 - 18.2m - Garam, Orca, Kamael, Coco
Guardian Tales Raid - Ancient Demon Lvl 83 - 15.9m - Orca Lead (ex 0lb)
Guardian Tales Raid - Ancient Demon Lvl 82 - 17.9m - Water team with Orca (ex 0lb)
Guardian Tales | Who to Pull for Orca's Hero Up Banners?
Zeeebo Gaming

Add story replay

- The story replay of Worlds 5 and 6 (Normal difficulty) has been added.
※ After that, the world will be opened sequentially.
- Replaying the story is only available when the world achievement level is 100%.
- Stamina is not consumed when replaying the story.
- All goods (Purple Coin, Starpiece, Gold, etc.), Artifacts, and Items acquired through story replay are not actually acquired.
- When replaying the story, you will enter the stage with the currently selected party.
- Replaying the story is available through the redo button added to the right of the entry button in the stage entry UI.
ㄴ You can enter by selecting the progress of each quest in the Redo UI.

Camazon Land

- A new season of Camazon Land begins.
- Artifacts and special events of the existing cooking theme are reorganized according to the revamped system.

8 artifacts will be reprinted.

artifact effect
Blessing of the Cooking God (Lesser) Recovery +20%
Dragon Blood (Lesser) Fire property attack +15%
Travel Bread (Advanced) HP +20%,
Max HP +3% for every battle stage cleared
Fragment of the Flesh (Advanced) DEF +20%,
recovers 10% of max HP once every 7 seconds, recovers
20% of max HP at the end of battle
Predator Salad (Advanced) HP +80%,
recovers 20% of maximum HP when killing an enemy
Another World Soup (Advanced) At the start of battle, damage 30% of ally's max HP, when HP is
below 75%, ATK +120% and DEF +30%
for 20 seconds, ATK +120% and DEF +30% for 20 seconds when HP is below 50%
Magiton Supply (Advanced) ATK +40%,
DEF +40%,
Critical Chance +20%
Special Meat Pie (Exclusive) HP +150%,
recovers 20% of maximum HP once every 7 seconds

9 artifacts are excluded.

artifact effect
Dragon Language Translator (Lesser) Critical Strike Multiplier +10.0%
Hunter's Talisman (Lesser) Weapon Skill Charge Speed ​​+10.0%
Critical Strike Multiplier +40.0% with Paradise Destroyer
+20.0% Health with Deep Abyssal Shield
Hunter's Talisman Hunter (Advanced) ATK +80.0% equal to the number of removed hunter's amulets
Remove 1 possessed hunter's amulet when clearing the battle stage
Berserker's Mask (Advanced) ATK +70.0% and DEF +20.0% for 10 seconds when HP is below 75%, ATK +70.0% and DEF +20.0%
for 10 seconds when HP is below 50%
Mask of Regeneration (Advanced) Recover 25.0% of max HP at the end of battle
+20.0% HP every time you visit the shelter
Life Well Helm (Advanced) Recovers 3.0% of maximum HP once per second
Giant's Belt (Express) Attack +300.0%
Thunder God's Thunder Hammer (Excellent) When an attack hits, all enemies deal damage equal to 5.0% of attack power per second ignoring defense (Once every 2 seconds)
Giant's Gloves (Exclusive) Receive 50% of the damage dealt to the enemy as a shield

1 type of curse is removed and 1 type is reproduced.

curse effect
[Reprint] Pie from Hell's End Skill damage -100%
[Except] Pie from Hell Skill damage -50%

Improvements to Heroes and Exclusive Weapons

Hero Improvements

hero Improving
Eugene Combo attack damage increased to 525%.

Exclusive weapon improvements

exclusive weapon Improving
crimson Exclusive option effects are added.
ㄴ [New Tooltip] Fire attack power is increased to 120% of attack power per second.
On hit, sets the target on fire, dealing 100% of attack damage per second. Triggers once every 4 seconds.
Brave Heart Slightly increases the status abnormality of gun action scenes.
(The number of hits required by the opponent's hero's status abnormality is reduced by 1.)


- The map of the cooperative game has been changed.

Add New Collection

- One new collection has been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

Other bug fixes and improvements

- Improvements have been made so that you can check the status of paid gems / free gems in Settings > Account Settings.
- For users who have never acquired a linkage after clearing passage 1 of the Titan Kingdom, a tutorial on acquiring a linkage will be displayed.
- An issue that caused the shop's additional Star Piece acquisition help to move to the wrong stage will be fixed.
- An issue where the motorcycle sound did not play when Eugene was not equipped with a weapon has been fixed.
- An issue where the leaderboard information was displayed abnormally in certain situations after the start of the new Colosseum season has been fixed.
- The phenomenon of disconnection when clearing item dungeons is fixed.
- An issue where chat forbidden words were not applied properly is fixed.
- The phenomenon of moving to the labyrinth lobby on the ground when touching the Move to Mirror Rift button after game over on the Earth Labyrinth Stage is fixed.
- World 2 - Fixed an error where the option UI was displayed intermittently during battles with the Titans in the hidden room in the "Friendly Old Gentleman" stage.
- World 2 - Some of the doors of each stage are modified to be saved in an open state.
- World 2 - "Invaders Garrison" Invader commanders and the battle area will be equipped with a jumping platform that allows you to climb over the wall.
- World 2 - "Invaders Garrison" Invaders commander and a flag that can clear the stage will be installed in the battle area.
- If you die in Phase 2 during the battle with the last Invaders commander in the World 2 Main Quest, the battle will start from Phase 2 after skipping the previous production.
- Improvements have been made to display help when entering some content for the first time. (The number of entries for the content below is counted after maintenance.)
b Guardian Pass
b Gaiden / Short story book
road map event
b Bingo event
b Giant lottery machine event
b Live event
b Colosseum
b Co-op

Paid Packages

Unique Hero's 'Unique Hero Growth Package' added

- Unique Hero Growth Package (War Contractor Orca)
※ After summoning, if you have the hero, it will be displayed.
※ You can purchase for 7 days from the time of initial exposure, and after 7 days without purchase, it will no longer be exposed.

NEW Starter Package

3,000 Paid Gems
60,000 gold
100,000 experience
50 Stamina
※ The existing "Starter Package" will be discontinued from 10/7 (Thu).
※ NEW Starter Package can be purchased by both new and existing users.

Limited time gem package

8,100 Paid Gems
800,000 gold
1,200,000 experience

Limited-time Summon Package

2,700 Paid Gems
35 Summon Controllers

Special discount package

30 Summon Controllers
1 awakening reset stone

Premium upbringing package

6,000 Paid Gems
100 Stamina
100,000 gold
140,000 experience
10 Awakening Dungeon Boxes (Level 70)
1 Hero Reset Stone

New Events

Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥

- Pick-up summons for new and existing heroes are in progress.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

LIVE EVENT: Welcome to Succubus Cafe!!

- Welcome to Succubus Cafe!! Live events will be reprinted.
- You can get all the rewards once again by playing the stages.
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.
※ However, cards and costumes cannot be duplicated.
※ You can acquire Hero Reset Stones as event mission rewards.

Change the costume rotation

- Changed hero costume rotation

- Changed equipment costume rotation

Official Patch Notes can be found here but you may want to use Google Chrome to translate it from Korean to your native language.