Patch Notes - March 9th, 2021

New Guardian

Name: Veronica

Group Buff:
Skill Atk

Exclusive Weapon:
Epic Staff
2,642-2,901 DPS
Water Atk 766-841
Crit Hit Chance 15%
HP +20%
Skill Damage +30%
Weapon Skill Regen Speed +20%
[Chosen One's Archpriestess Veronica only]
The Blessing of the Chosen one inflicts 150% of DPS damage on enemies and restores party members' HP by 15%.
[Required Limit Break 5]

Veronica Youtube Videos

[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - MRXMIT WAS RIGHT, VERONICA ISN'T BAD | [EU] Arena (01/08/2021) - DAY 7
[Guardian Tales] Lullehツ - MVP: VERONICA - BACK IN TOP 10 | [EU] Arena (30/07/2021) - DAY 5
Guardian Tales Shorts | Veronica Reverse All Kill Mode
Zeeebo Gaming
Guardian Tales | Veronica Unleashes EXPLOSION on the opponent!!! | OnlyKnight's Arena Adventures
Zeeebo Gaming
Guardian Tales Mini: VERONICA THE SOUL EATER | Kamazone 20-6
Zombielev Gaming

World 11 Pt 2 Released

World 11 Pt 2 is released!
Last 3 chapters which will conclude World 11.

Floating Special Comics

After clearing World 3 they are adding floating star comments in the floating inn. Not sure what these do, per se but perhaps they'll award us with gems and interesting content to view.

Replay: Knight goes to School

You can now replay the side story where Marina comes into the storyline. You will be able to re-obtain the rewards however you will not be able to obtain cards and costumes once more.

Water and Dark Tower of Horizons are Active

New Water Tower of Horizons is out and various stages from 30 and down on the Dark Tower has been weakened (making it easier for you to clear).

Orbital Lift Auto

You can now use an "Auto" button on the Orbital Lift that will progress you until you hit a stage that wipes your party. Pretty cool.

Co Op Reward System Revamp

The translation is the most convoluted explanation but basically you'll get rewards every 48 hours or so (or something?) It does however look like you may be able to obtain the rewards for up to 3 guardians.

Automatic Random Evolution

An automatic random evolution feature has been added to randomly evolve equipment. You can specify the range of equipment you want to evolve through the automatic random evolution setting.

Random Buffs

  • When Plitvice Indemnification is activated, it is improved to resist abnormal conditions
  • The defense of the Martyr's Mirror Necklace is increased by 7%
  • Minotaur Necklace's Critical Chance is increased from 2% to 5%
  • Mad Panda brooch's defense has been increased by 9%

Costumes & Equipment Costumes

Paid Packages

Custom Packages (NEW)

A package that can be purchased by selecting the desired goods is added. Custom package products are divided into fixed products and custom products. Custom rewards are items that can be selected arbitrarily. I believe these are represented in the "selectable slots" in the packages below.

Camazon Shopping Special Package
  • 1,000 gems
  • 1 selectable slot (you pick what you want)
Camazon Shopping Premium Package
  • 6,000 gems
  • 2 selectable slot (you pick what you want)
Camazon Shopping Gem Package
  • 9,000 gems
  • 1 selectable slot (you pick what you want)
Selectable Slots (for the above packages)
  • 20 optional fixed stones
  • 10 option change stones
  • 40 Legendary Awakening Stones
  • Awakening Dungeon Box x30
  • 6,000 mirror pieces
  • 45 Hero Crystals
Unique Hero's Growth Package for Veronica

New Point Roadmap Event

Nothing new here, just a roadmap where you select stuff.

Lorraine Guardian Pass

Get Lorraine's ex weapon, which may be handy considering a month after this patch will most likely be the Basic Tower of Horizon and Lorraine will be the only basic healer to use during those stages.