Shadow Beast


Shadow Beast Raid Meta

44,406,360level 89 confirmed damage
31,291,334level 89 confirmed damage
16,172,556level 86 confirmed damage
31,487,444level 83 confirmed damage
31,602,654level 82 confirmed damage
22,621,546level 82 confirmed damage
18,065,751 confirmed damage

Guardian Stun %

Game Info

Each Guardian Tales boss has unique abilities and powers that will influence your raid damage. As the rounds increase, the health, damage and defense of the boss will also increase (which will in turn lower your damage output). Some bosses will alter their attack patterns to change at certain intervals of the fight (i.e. more than 50% health bosses do this, but lower than 50% health the bosses do that). Use the following pages to get a better idea of your chain timings by watching youtube videos and applying the strategies and itemization you see within.